Real World Homecoming

Is It Time For a Real World Miami Homecoming?

Is it time to get the Real World Miami cast back together?

The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans has wrapped, and fans are curious to know if another season will be reunited. Apparently, production has put out feelers for some seasons, and Miami is on the short list with seasons like Austin and Key West.

According to podcaster Mike Lewis, who recently spoke with Joe Patane and Cynthia Roberts, received verbal confirmation that all seven cast members have at least some interest. This doesn’t mean they’ll all be able to drop everything and coordinate two weeks, but it’s a good start.

So why isn’t this happening yet?

Well, the biggest fear is that this season isn’t memorable enough. New York was the first season, so it’s major by default. New Orleans had Danny’s story with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which was massive in the public eye. Los Angeles had the David & Tami incident, plus Tami is a huge reality star now. What does Miami have?

If we look back, there are only a few things that stick out from the season. There’s Mike’s threesome that Flora tried to crash, Flora fighting with Sarah because she was causing noise with a group of skate kids, Flora’s camera-flashing incident, and the Dan and Melissa fight.

Honestly, this is a fun season to watch, but it’s cultural impact isn’t that strong. So does it deserve a reunion?

Of course, I say yes. I think the cast would heavily rely on Flora as a source of conflict, but Melissa would also provide some unique perspective. Miami is a hot city right now, gaining a lot of new residents during the pandemic, and the season could showcase the changes in a city over the course of a quarter of a century.

The other question would be whether this season should get picked as a Homecoming season over Austin or Key West. To this, I’m unsure. It’d be my first choice, but I can understand why it’d be production’s third.

Austin was wildly successful, and while the cast is probably quite tame, people would tune in because they loved the original season. Key West probably has the most to talk about with Paula’s struggle with eating disorders, Johnny’s rise to fame, and Tyler and Svetlana just being interesting people. Plus, they lived through a natural disaster in the house.

I’ll take any fourth season of Homecoming I can get. They’ve all been great, and Miami would certainly be a good reintroduction. Cynthia reappeared on All Stars 3, but other than her, we hadn’t seen any of the cast members on TV since Dan did the Inferno 2 in 2005 (and Flora’s random episode of Botched in 2020).


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