Challenge: Ride or Dies

Season 38 Cast Hanging Out, Hinting At Alliance?

A potential sneak peek of season 38?

Filming for The Challenge 38 (still believed to be called Ride or Dies) is over, and some of the cast has been linking up recently. Most notably, rookie Olivia has been making her rounds.

Unsurprisingly, she’s with Horacio — her partners on the show. She’s also with Jordan for some reason, the only veteran in the mix.

Then, we see her posting with Nurys and penciling in a stick figure of Moriah. Perhaps this is a hint that the three girls worked together, or at the very least, got along throughout the season.

Olivia isn’t the only person hosting random meet-ups that have been shared on stories. Laurel has been seen hanging out with people like Moriah and Fessy. Fessy has also been seen getting close with Colleen and Bananas has been seen with Moriah. Clearly, some friendships have been made.

So, why is Olivia so interesting? In the last picture she posted the captions “the girl who broke her face in 5 places.” If you zoom in above her nose, between her eyebrows, you can see some damage, though she does a good job masking it with makeup. Apparently Olivia got hurt throughout the season because a golf ball hit her in the face. And it was a bad injury, production was worried.

But she did seem to have a good time on the show, because she’s hanging out with her cast mates and making her friendships obvious.

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