Challenge: Ride or Dies

Jordan Sucks Face With Another Girl, Tori Responds?

A lot of germs and feelings are swapped.

The Jordan and Tori drama is far from over, and Jordan seems to have no boundaries. He’s taken to Instagram to flaunt his new “future ex-wife.”

The girl in his pictures is Elly Steffen — a model and contestant from Love Island USA season 3. And the pictures are far from romantic. They’re literally sucking each other’s tongues and rubbing teeth together.

In a post-pandemic world, this seems like an odd way to display affection. But both of them seem to be enjoying the attention, particularly from Tori, who eloquently writes “Livveee ya lifeeee”

Now, Jordan really has no reason to hide his hook-ups for Tori’s sake. She’s been seen with Fessy, Emanuel, and Kelz on recent seasons. Clearly, she wants us to think she’s moved on — and she likely has — but there’s also an unaired Challenge season between those hook-ups and the present day. There’s a chance that there’s more to this story that will only be revealed in time.

Tori seems to respond by playfully sucking face with another guy.

She posted an Instagram story “accidentally” licking a friend’s lips. It seems odd that this type of interaction would be displayed organically in two separate incidents, AND Tori would unknowingly post a video licking her friend’s lips. It doesn’t take a neuroscientist to tell you this was intentional But if you need one, ask Elly. Apparently, she has a neuroscience degree and still chose to involve herself in this mess.

To be clear, this really is just a friend of Tori’s. There’s no reason to believe there’s anything romantic going on.

But it’s also quite obvious that Tori is mocking Jordan, so it seems like there are some lingering feelings in the mix. Maybe we’ll learn more on the upcoming Challenge season, or maybe there’s just a simple explanation: Reality stars are petty.

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