Challenge: USA

The Challenge USA: Top Players from Episodes 11

Top players from the final episode of The Challenge USA

The end is here, and 11 people remain. So, I’m just going to rank them all. If I didn’t, you’d know eleventh place anyway. So let’s check out the last impressions and check out the full episode on Paramount+.

11. Alyssa Lopez

Alyssa loses to Angela in Pole Wrestle, and she accomplished so much in the game, but she doesn’t have the strength of Angela. She won’t make it to the final, but we need to wonder of she’d have avoided this elimination if her BB23 roomies stuck around.

10. Ben Driebergen

During Getting Tired, Ben falls and hurts his shoulder. He wants to push through it, but when he gets to the final, TJ tells him that he’s medically unable to continue. This makes the race complicated because every woman will need to compete individually during one stage that’s intended to be partnered.

9. Enzo Palumbo

The final had two things that scare Enzo: swimming and a partner requirement. Enzo can barely swim (which is the first stage of the final), and when he jumps in the cold water, his body goes into shock. He quits, and based on the rules of the final, his partner is DQed too.

8. Desi Williams

Thanks to Enzo quitting, Desi is out too. She loses all of her money, and she’s devastated because she didn’t want to quit, but Enzo didn’t need her permission to quit and take her game away.

7. Angela Rummins

Angela opens this episode with her first last-place finish of the season in Getting Tired. So, she is forced to face Alyssa in Pole Wrestle, but she wins. In the final, she cruises through the first day and is tied for first at the end of the day. She finds out she’ll be solo for the overnight portion because Ben is out, and she opts to get some sleep and “time-out” of the dirt transfer and take last place. But TJ views this as quitting, and she gets DQed.

This will be the hot debate from this final, because no one told her this was a DQ, and she just thought she’d get the last place points.

6. Domenick Abbate

Dom gets his first (semi) win when he ties Tyson in Getting Tired, and he doesn’t stay loyal to his new alliance. He sends Alyssa into elimination out of fear of being paired with her in the final. Then, Alyssa loses and Domenick gets into the final. After the first day, he feels the pressure. He climbs up the mountain and watches rain turn to sleet and then to snow. By this point, he’s freezing and decides to call it. He quits at the sudoku puzzle.

5. Cayla Platt

As the only Amazing Race player left in the game, Cayla is relying on Sarah to save her, which pays off because Tyson would have thrown her into the final elimination after she struggled to climb out of the water in Getting Tired. But, she makes it to the final, and nearly quits while eating onions and garlic. She pushes through to the second day, but the cold eventually wears her out. She quits during the sudoku.

4. Justine Nbida

Justine has defied the odds, being the only Love Island contestant in the final. She performs fairly well during day one, but on the second day, she takes a lead. Motivated to help her family, she pushes through the snow and the first puzzle. Then, she’s exhausted by the time she reaches the sudoku. Like other contestants, this is where she quits.

3. Tyson Apostol

After (kinda) winning during Getting Tired, Tyson is unable to keep Alyssa safe, but he’s in a good spot going into the final. He excels on day one, and claims he’d do most of the activities in the final for fun. Then, day two comes around. His spirits fade, and like other players, he’s frustrated by the sudoku and he’s freezing cold. The elements get to him, and he decides to quit before the final hike up the mountain.

2. Sarah Lacina

For the first time, Sarah wins a challenge during Getting Tired, and it lets her get revenge on Angela by sending Alyssa into The Arena. This takes Alyssa out before the final starts, and Sarah does pretty well during the first day, consistently getting second place. But on the second day, she slows down. The puzzles frustrate her and she’s tired, but she keeps pushing through. She finishes the climb up the mountain, and think she’s lost so badly that nobody is waiting for her. Little does she know, everyone else quit. She won because she had the most endurance, and in this game, that’s all it took.

1. Danny McCray

If there’s anyone who’s deserving of the win in this final, it’s Danny. He excelled in almost every stage (likely because he knew Kiki would be mad if he didn’t do well). It seems like he’s done all the right training, because he can run the distance, solve the puzzles, and eat the onions. On the second day, he’s the least phased by the cold — perhaps because he didn’t stall too long on the sudoko. He wins, and celebrates by calling his wife (her name is Kiki, in case you didn’t know) and his daughter Zoe.


  1. Enzo is a disgrace and didn’t deserve yo even be on the Challenge. Needless to say that will be his last! He should be ashamed! Feel bad for Desi,that’s why none of the girls wanted him in the finals to begin with! We definitely lived up to being the cat’s meow (a big Pu$$%!!!

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