Challenge: World Championship

The Challenge: World Championship Premiers on March 8

The Challenge is having a global showdown.

It’s all coming to an end. After The Challenge: USA and three international spin-off (some of which are still airing), the World Championship will be streaming on Parmount+ starting Wednesday, March 8.

You can find the official cast here.

The show features champions (and almost champions) from across the globe, and all four hosts from the international spin-offs will play a role in the season.

The 12-episode season will result in one male winner and one female winner, competing for their shares of $500,000. Not only will they get the money — they will bring the title of Challenge champion home to their country. Two episodes will debut on premier night.

So what’s the format? A global champion will be paired with a notable Challenge MVP. From the sounds of it, there will be opportunities for partnerships to change throughout the season.

We’ll see if this is a success for the franchise. Apparently, The Challenge: USA has been greenlit for a second season. The Challenge: Australia — that one won’t be so lucky.

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