Challenge: USA

Who From The Challenge: USA Should Do the Main Show?

Who should ditch CBS for MTV?

Now that The Challenge USA is over most of the cast members have hung up their Challenge jerseys. Some will do the World Tournament, but there is another option out there. As far as I know, they’re all eligible to compete on the flagship show.

These are the 10 people who would be the best fit on the main series. Keep in mind, there are very few spots given to CBS alumni, so many of these people won’t actually get their shots, but it’s fun to pretend.

To answer the obvious question: Is age a factor? The answer is yes and no. I won’t immediately dismiss someone for being older, but I also know production wants people who they can (theoretically) build storylines around. People who can’t leave their families for undisclosed amounts of time probably aren’t the best candidates.

10. Cashel Barnett

Cashel came onto the show with an ex and was in pretty good shape. While he didn’t do too well, he had potential and has a level of inoffensiveness that production loves to cast.

9. Sarah Lacina

On Survivor, Sarah was a “gamer changer” then a winner, but on The Challenge she was entitled and overconfident. But this does make her one of the polarizing figures that people love to hate, and if she didn’t perform well, her downfall would be pretty satisfying.

8. Justine Nbida

As the last Love Island contestant, Justine became an unexpected underdog. She adapted to the game quickly and won multiple eliminations, providing she was a force to be reckoned with. This is the type of Challenger fans resonate with, and Justine could be a likable figure on the main show.

7. James Wallington

As a part one of the three Amazing Race contestants, James came into this game at a disadvantage. But he performed well under pressure, and played the game before it could play him. This proactive gameplay will make him a critical part of any game, but it will also earn him a target quickly if he returns.

6. Cashay Proudfoot

Many people underestimated Cashay at the start of the season (likely including herself), but she managed to pull off a few wins and proved she was a decent competitor. At times, she made smart moves, but she wasn’t afraid to bring her emotional baggage to the show. That last point will make her stand out in the eyes of production, and would make her a great fit for a future season (Cinco likely included).

5. Kyland Young

Throughout his two prior shows, Kyland proved he’s a strong physical competitor with a generally nice demeanor. But, when the right moment comes, he can pull a shady move and send ripples through the game. This is the perfect formula for a cast member in the modern era, but if that doesn’t work out, he could easily pass for Nelson’s understudy.

4. Tyson Apostol

Tyson’s a big name, and he plays an interesting game. So, he’d be sure to bring that style of sly gameplay to the main show. But, he’s also prone to go after the big dogs, and he’s not one to bite his tongue. So, production might keep him for the spin-offs so he doesn’t take out their main stars and ask too many questions.

3. Alyssa Lopez

Looking at Alyssa, she might not have the biggest physical presence. But she killed the political game on The Challenge: USA, even when the odds weren’t in her favor. If she can bring this onto the main series, she’d make for a great underdog story.

2. Xavier Prather

Xavier is a Big Brother winner, so his automatically makes his a strong candidate for the main series. But, he didn’t have the best run on The Challenge: USA. Somehow, this might make his storyline more interesting. He still has allies with his Cookout alliance, but he also earned some rivals — and we know production can use that to their advantage.

1. Angela Rummans

I don’t think a lot of people expected Angela to be a strong and strategic player, but she had a grip on the pulse of the game throughout the entire season. She orchestrated many moves, and won various challenges; even beating the men at times. She’s a prime candidate for the main show, and production would be doubly interested if she brought her fiancé along.


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