Challenge: Ride or Dies

10 Challenge Friendships That Started As Enemies

The first step of being a ride or die: Not caring if the other person was dead or alive.

In the most recent super trailer, Tori reveals Devin was her enemy before they became friends — let alone ride or dies. If you watched Double Agents, you saw Devin try to sabotage Tori’s game, so there’s clearly bad blood there. Are they really friends now? We’ll have to watch and see.

There’s a chance this partnership is just production manipulation, but there are friendships on the Challenge that only blossomed after repeated seasons together. On early shows, there was bad blood, but eventually, the two people realized they’d be a stronger force working together than going after each other.

To qualify for this list, there needs to be some type of disdain or animosity between the two and their friendship needs to be displayed on a Challenge season — not just visible on social media.

Bananas and Nany

The lows: Exes 2 would have you believe that these two had a lot of history, but they didn’t. They allegedly hooked up shortly after Nany did The Real World, so they had competed on two seasons without any issue. The real drama comes on Bloodlines after they two did well on Exes 2. Bananas voted Nany into elimination to appease his then-girlfriend Hannah, but Nany felt betrayed.

The highs: After a 4-season hiatus, Nany came back for War of the Worlds and it was like nothing ever happened. Bananas and Nany were allies on WotW1 and WotW2, and they seem to have moved on… also, Hannah is out of the picture.

The lows: When CT came back for Rivals, it seemed like he agreed with the rest of the house on one thing: He was anti-Cara Maria. He’d argue with her and make comments about her then-boyfriend Abe to get under her skin.

The highs: Eventually, Cara Maria earned CT’s respect and the two would find themselves pairing up when given the opportunity, becoming team Boston Strong.

Cory and Nelson

The lows: These two may have been cool with each other at the start of Invasion, but Nelson snaked Cory to save himself during the Underdog Purge, which resulted in a shoving match and some heated words.

The highs: Team Young Buck emerged on Dirty Thirty, and Cory and Nelson have been inseparable since (Hunter too, when he did the show). The ultimate display of friendship came on Total Madness when Nelson went into the final elimination to save Cory and let him keep competing for the sake of his family.

Bananas and Wes

The lows: While these two have gone back and forth, it’s mostly playful and rooted in the game. But on The Ruins, the drama was personal. Bananas played a role in making Evelyn face Kellyanne, and Wes infamously screamed in Bananas’s face, calling him a bitch.

The highs: Clearly, these two understand their rivalry will get them cast on future seasons: But what if they didn’t care about future seasons? On Total Madness, Bananas worked with Wes for the “first time” (even though they were allies on Rivals), and Bananas got his seventh win.

Devin and Josh

The lows: On Double Agents, Devin liked to go around the house screaming “Big Brother sucks.” Josh is emotional, took offense, and shoved Devin, but didn’t get kicked off the show.

The highs: On Spies, Lies and Allies Devin aligned himself with Big Brother and became friends with Josh. He was really quick to move past the drama when it benefitted his game.

Ashley and Cara Maria

The lows: It’s no secret that Ashley is part of the Lavender Ladies, and they hated Cara Maria. So, when Amanda would argue with Cara Maria, Ashley would be right there to back her ally up.

The highs: On War of the Worlds 2, Ashley aligned with Cara Maria and her friends. This resulted in Ashley getting to the end, and the two girls realized they have more in common than expected.

Kailah and Sylvia

The lows: On Invasion, Sylvia immediately aligned with the Lavender Ladies and ignored girls like Jenna & Kailah. And the distrust was mutual, with Kailah carrying a dislike for Sylvia’s alliance.

The highs: On All Stars 3, the two were part of the Tree House. As the youngest women in the game, they had a friendship — apparently, it started during Sylvia’s brief time on Vendettas.

Bananas and Jordan

The lows: Jordan has always been infamously cocky, and this culminated on Free Agents when he infamously flipped all of the cards to face Bananas in Wrecking Wall. Though the two were on better terms on Battle of the Exes 2, Jordan did play a role in sending Bananas into the final elimination.

The highs: Something happened after Exes 2, and Jordan was a hardcore member of the Bananas Boat starting on Champs vs. Pros, and it’s very obvious on Dirty Thirty.

Jordan and Nia

The lows: These two immediately got off to a shaky start on The Real World — to the point where Jordan got into a racially-motivated argument with Nia. They worked on their relationship, but their trust was paper-thin. Then, on Exes 2, Jordan put Bananas & Nany against her & Leroy, and she assaulted him in a degrading fashion.

The highs: These two are open about the fact that they’ve needed to put a lot of effort into repairing the relationship. But, they put in the work and have found common ground. Nia even admitted she only went on All Stars 3 to support Jordan.

Laurel and Cara Maria

The lows: If you’ve seen Rivals and Cutthroat, you’ll know these two have a hard time working together. Cara is strong, but often underestimates herself. Meanwhile, Laurel is strong and she knows it. On Cutthroat, she accused Cara of using Abe to get to the end of the game and continuously tried to get Cara into the Gulag.

The highs: The two became close friends after Rivals, but the strongest moment of the friendship was when Laurel defended Cara Maria when Wes and others were bullying her toward the end of that season. There was a hiccup in the friendship on Free Agents, but they were closer on Invasion.

The lows (again): On War of the Worlds 2, the two had a falling out. This time, it was more personal, and allegedly the friendship was strained because Cara Maria made out with Nicole Z. on Vendettas. But, at the WotW2 reunion, an olive branch was extended and the two seemed willing to talk civilly.

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