The Challenge

Kaycee & Nany Are Engaged?

There's a ring on the finger.

A recent picture of Nany appeared making her look like a big winner.

Nany returned to Las Vegas, where she had her original Real World season over a decade ago, and won $432.72. That’s more prize money won on her past eight Challenge seasons! But that winning ticket isn’t the accessory worth noting. It’s the big ring on her left ring finger.

Now, this is not confirmation of an engagement, but Nany hadn’t been sporting a ring recently. When she went to the VMAs with Kaycee, that finger was bare. But the couple did talk to media outlets and mentioned they had been talking about their future — wedding and kids included.

I’ll keep you posted if more information emerges. If they were trying to keep this a secret, it seems the cover might be blown.

Edit: Kaycee was hanging out with Big Brother cast members, Nany was there, and she flaunted a naked ring finger. Looks like they’re NOT engaged (yet).

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