Challenge: Ride or Dies Ratings

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Episode 1 Ratings

How many people watched Ride or Dies Episode 1?

A new season is here, but the vets are largely absent. Do people care about this rookie-dominated first episode?

Episode 1 received 424,000 viewers and a 0.22 rating in the 18-49 demographic. It was the 10th most-watched cable show of the night.

This is a slow start for the season, but I’m hopeful it will climb as people remember this show is on. It’s been over nine months since The Challenge was on airwaves, and there isn’t a lot of other reasons for people to tune into MTV.

The network couldn’t even get people to tune into Love at First Lie following The Challenge. Only 88,000 viewers watched, giving it a 0.05 rating and making it the 119th most-watched show of the evening.

Based on ratings from the seven days preceding this episode, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation outperformed The Challenge. On Thursday, Oct. 6, the episode was viewed by 493,000 people with a 0.27 rating — the highest-rated cable show of the evening. Meanwhile, Teen Mom is trailing behind with 261,000 viewers and a 0.11 rating on Tuesday, Oct. 11. It was the 35th most-watched cable show of the night.

But, these ratings did dip lower that our previous lowest-rated episode: Spies, Lies, and Allies episode 4.

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