Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 2

Everything you need to know from Episode 2 of Ride or Dies

Lots of people are leaving, but some people are still coming into the game.

Veteraned Stories

Bananas and Nany are back in the competition, but they’re surprised to hear Kailah and Kaycee are gone. It’s clear the veterans are bringing a lot of history into his game, but they also come with a lot of drive. Nany is fighting for her mother, who unexpectedly died after Spies, Lies and Allies. Meanwhile, Tori admits she’s managing depression after her breakup with Jordan and never got closure.

Nam’s Third Out

Bad news for Nam. Once again, he’s forced to leave the show because Emmy wants to quit the game. This is the third season in a row where he was disqualified, but at least he’s still undefeated technically.

Finding Balance

The challenge is called Balancing Act and it’s an obstacle course. Competitors swim to a rope ladder, climb onto a platform, swing on a rope, and meet in the middle of a tilting platform. The time is stopped when they balance that platform and make it level. Horacio & Olivia go first, they perform well, and Horacio makes it look easy.

Swinging Back

Starting with Tamara, we see a montage of competitors fall into the water and DQ, then we watch Devin & Tori and Bananas & Nany complete the course. When the cast thinks the game is over, TJ calls for one more team to compete: Kaycee & Kenny. They’re back in the game, and they become the fourth team to finish. But they weren’t fast enough: Bananas & Nany take the win.

Eliminating a Friendship

After winning, Nany confronts Turbo and asks him if he really wants to go into elimination like he claims. He dodges the question and walks away from Nany, but all Nany wants is a clear answer. Turbo claims he doesn’t like the way Nany’s talking to him, but Nany has the power. So, Turbo tell Tamara to prepare for elimination, and now he’s turning friends into enemies.

Talking and Walking

At deliberation, Turbo & Tamara, Johnny & Ravyn, Jay & Michele, and Horacio & Olivia get called down. Essentially, the veterans are paying back Johnny & Ravyn due to their decision last week. So, they talk to the rookies and they’re understanding, but Michele cries because she feels betrayed by Nany and Turbo just walks out and leaves. Tamara follows him, because she took a oath to be his ride or die.

Making Risky Decisions With Safety

At The Zone Nany finally gets to talk without Turbo interrupting her, and she uses the opportunity to send him into elimination — his first one ever. Then, teams start pulling daggers. Jay & Michele pull the safe dagger, and they use their power to keep Johnny & Ravyn safe. Despite the fact that the team has caused a big splash in the house Jay made a promise to Johnny, and he’s going to honor it. So, Turbo & Tamara are facing Horacio & Olivia in Memory Lane.

Nothing But a Memory

The elimination is just a relay race and glorified game of memory. Flip 2 tiles, hope they match, then your partner goes. Turbo makes the first match, but the audience starts to chime in. They feed answers to Olivia & Horacio, and they take the lead. This lets them win, and Turbo & Tamara are going home. Despite that, he sends good vibes to Nany and says he hopes she wins with Bananas.

Friends and Exes

TJ’s still feeling friendly, so he invites more people to come into the game. Out comes Jordan, but who’s his partner? We’ll need to wait until next week to find out.

… just kidding, it’s Aneesa.


  1. I really wish we knew why Nam wouldn’t suggest anyone as his partner instead of a complete stranger, who bailed on him like this. I’m sorry I get this show isn’t for everyone, but signing up to do it especially with someone you knew going into it was a stranger when you had a chance to actually be paired with a friend, a relative, even an ex, someone you’re actually close to and probably wouldn’t leave abruptly, why wouldn’t you choose that option instead?

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