Challenge: Ride or Dies Ratings

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Episode 2 Ratings

How many people watched Ride or Dies Episode 2?

Bananas and Nany are back. Did they bring any viewers with them?

Episode 2 received 422,000 viewers and a 0.20 rating in the 18-49 demographic. It was the 15th highest-rated cable show of the night.

This is a drop of 2,000 viewers, which is only really bad because our baseline was low. And, Bananas and Nany were supposed to be a twist in the game. Either nobody cared, or more likely, we all knew it was coming because it was in every trailer and every promo.

Meanwhile, Love at First lie was viewed by 98,000 people with a 0.04 rating. That’s a 10,000 viewer increase, though it fell 17 spots to be the 136th highest-rated show of the evening.

It could be worse. The Thursday, Oct. 13, episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fell over 100,000 viewers compared to the prior week. This means The Challenge is on track to be MTV’s most-watched show.


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