Challenge: World Championship

The Challenge: World Championship Official Cast

The Official cast for the Global Challenge.

It all comes down to this. After The Challenge invaded CBS USA, Argentina, Australia, and The UK. Now, “winners” are coming together to duke it out.


It’s impossible to announce the cast without spoilers. So, if you’re preceding, you’re going to have Ride or Dies spoiled. Also, some of the names on this list are alternates, so they won’t all make it to air.

Also, for some participants from The Challenge: UK, Argentina, or Australia, their final placements may not be known yet.

As always, a huge thank to Vevmo + Gamer for their work spoiling this cast. ☕️

THEME: World Championship

LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa



Amber Borzotra- Winner: Double Agents

Ben Driebergen- Winner: Survivor 35

Benjamin Alfonso- The Challenge: Argentina

Benjamin Alfonso

Claudia Albertario- The Challenge: Argentina

Claudia Albertario

Danny McCray- Winner: The Challenge USA

Darrell Taylor- Winner: The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno 2 + Fresh Meat

Emily Seebohm- The Challenge: Australia

Emily Seebohm

Grant Crapp- Winner: Love Island Australia

Grant Crapp

Jodi Weatherton- Winner: The Gauntlet 2 + The Duel

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio- Winner: The Island, The Ruins, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Free Agents, Rivals 3 + Total Madness

Jonna Mannion- Winner: All Stars 2 + All Stars 3

Jordan Wiseley- Winner: Battle of the Exes 2, Dirty Thirty + War of the Worlds 2

Justina Nbida- Winner: Love Island 1

Kaycee Clark- Winner: Spies, Lies and Allies + Big Brother 20

Kaz Crossley- Finalist (The Challenge: UK)

Kellyanne Judd- Finalist

Kiki Morris- Winner: The Challenge: Australia

Nathan Henry: Finalist (Challenge:UK)

Nathan Henry

Nelson Thomas- Finalist

Nia Moore- Finalist

Rodrigo Cascon- Challenge: Argentina

Sarah Lacina- Winner: The Challenge: USA + Survivor 34

Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez- The Challenge: Argentina

Sofía "Jujuy" Jiménez

Tristan Phipps- Winner: The Challenge: UK

Tristan Phipps

Theo Campbell- Finalist

Tori Deal- Winner: Ride or Dies

Troy Cullen- Winner: The Challenge Australia

Troy Cullen

Wes Bergmann: Winner- The Duel, Rivals 2 + All Stars 3

Yes Duffy- Winner: The Challenge 2000 + All Stars 1

Zara Zoffany- Winner: The Challenge: UK

Zara Zoffany


On location- Have been flown to South Africa, will be used if someone needs to leave

Brad Fiorenza- Winner: Cutthroat

Devin Walker- Winner: AYTO Second Chances

Jenny West- Winner: Total Madness

Jenny West

MJ Garrett-Winner: The Gauntlet 2 + All Stars 2

Nehemiah Clark- Winner: The Gauntlet 3

Off location- Extra line of defense in case multiple cast members leave

Alyssa Lopez- Participant

Kyland Young- Participant

Not on the cast

The following people were reported to be involved with this season, but this was an error or they are no long involved with the project.

  • Derrick Kosinski


    1. Imagine reading an article about a upcoming all winners season and expecting not to be spoiled about a potential winner of a current season 💀

    1. He is involved with a new version of “the most dangerous game” which I believe was filming during a lot of the most recent challenges.

      1. PLEASE EDIT TO SAY THE WINNER OF RIDE OR DIES IS REVEALED!!! Seriously, only one episode has aired and now everyone who read this already knows who wins. People who don’t like them won’t even bother to watch the rest of the season. Who thought that would be OK? Shame on you.

  1. You could’ve easily not spoiled ride or dies for us thanks. No point in watching the rest of the season now 1 week in.

  2. This is absolute bs, you could’ve easily left the ride or die winners off of this. Thanks for ruining the entire season one week in. No need to put that at all.

  3. I am laughing at all the people crying over being spoiled for Ride or Dies when there was a warning right there XD

    1. I always feel bad. I don’t want to ruin the season for anyone, but it’s kind of impossible. I put the spoiler warning at the top, but I know few people read the intro. But if I put spoilers lower, it’s a moot point.

    2. Amen … it’s like ppl can read everything BUT the spoiler alerts …. then cry when they read them. It’s crazy crap.

  4. Does anyone know if Jenny was part of the cast or wasted another trip & her time as an alternate? She is a beast and a champion to say the least!

    1. Was wondering that myself. All the threads I’ve been reading have conflicting information. She is a force to be wrecken with that is for sure!

  5. Was wondering that myself. All the threads I’ve been reading have conflicting information. She is a force to be wrecken with that is for sure!

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