Challenge: Ride or Dies

Why’d Emmy Russ Leave The Challenge? And Why’d Nam Have to Go Too?

It's the third time Nam's been DQed. Why'd Emmy do it?

On episode 2 of Ride or Dies, we saw Nam get kicked off the show because Emmy decided to quit. She was completely edited out of the episode, and we don’t see much of her.

But unlike Lauren from Spies, Lies and Allies, Emmy wasn’t completely hidden from our screen. We did see her last week when she was introduced as Nam’s “ride or die.”

Well, Emmy left on her own accord. There’s no major scandal, and production wasn’t trying to sweep the incident under the rug.

The German reality star went on Instagram Live to tell her side of the story. Remember, she’s from Germany, so she didn’t really understand the show. She was flown to Argentina with everyone else, put in quarantine, then told she’d be an alternate right before filming was slated to begin. She felt disrespected by this, but clearly she got over it because she did appear on the show when invited as a replacement.

There, she felt unwelcome by the cast. Apparently, Nam changed when he got into the house. He would try to silence Emmy and he’d talk with people he knew from prior seasons. So, Emmy thought the friendship was fake.

But, shouldn’t Emmy have known this because Nam’s her ride or die? Well, they didn’t know each other, they just have the same management, so she learned about Nam’s personality as she learned the game.

Feeling disrespected, Emmy decided to leave, and Nam needed to go because he didn’t have another ride or die. Apparently, when production asked him who he’d like to compete with, he didn’t give names. They wanted to pair him with Berna, but she declined. So he was left with Emmy and no one else.

Emmy claims the people on the show were really inauthentic, right down to the host (who she referred to as TC). When she came into the game, she was introduced as Germany’s queen of reality TV. Then, she was ignored and partnered with someone who wouldn’t let her talk. She decided she didn’t need the game, got herself a ticket home, and took Nam with her.

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