Challenge: Ride or Dies

Is Faysal In a Good Position on Ride or Dies?

Faysal had power for the first time this season, but he didn’t forget to burn some bridges in the process.

If we look at Faysal’s track record, he’s won three eliminations, made it to two finals, and broken one of Kyle’s fingers. But after getting DQed on Spies, Lies and Allies, he’s returning to the game with fewer allies and more enemies.

On Double Agents, he severed ties with Nelson by eliminating him (unnecessarily) in Hall Brawl. Last season, he voted Amber into the Lair and betrayed her trust. Now, they’re both on this season and they probably won’t want to keep him around for the long term.

But this week, he got power. It seems like he works well with Moriah — his chosen partner — and they won the Build Me Up Challenge. And while they ultimately used this position to send Johnny & Ravyn into elimination, they also called Tommy & Analyse (two Big Brother alumni who would have been allies) to deliberation.

So, now that he’s rebranded himself as Faysal, is Messy Fessy gone?

Well, it seems he’s still a romantic player, but he called Colleen and Analyse into deliberation. So, he’s not letting this derail his game. And the fact that he is winning will make people hesitant to say his name. So, even if Amber and Nelson want to seek vengeance, they’ll likely wait. Odds are, Faysal & Moriah will win in elimination, and they have a good shot of regaining power. If someone takes a strike at Faysal, there’s a high likelihood he’ll look to return the favor.

Despite the fact that’s he’s not an easy target, I don’t think he’s going to have the easiest road. The deliberation and the dagger progress will put him in jeopardy. In fact, there’s a likely strategy the could get him sent home.

If Faysal is called down, then the winning team sees a puzzle, they might throw him in and hopes he loses. If it’s a physical game, they might extend and olive branch and have him draw daggers. Because mental games are Faysal’s perceived weakness, they’re the best shot of getting him sent home.

This season seems like it could be the one where his demons come back to haunt him. But, I could be wrong. This could be his third final, and his opportunity to prove he can win one.

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