Challenge: Double Agents

How Will Darrell & Veronica Do On The Challenge: Ride or Dies?

Is the Road Rules team going to change the game?

Last week, we saw two shadowy figures walking into The Zone. The episode makes it seem like a twist is coming, but anyone who saw the preshow knows Darrell and Veronica joining the game.

These two have been doing the show longer than anyone else (well, maybe not Aneesa), but they haven’t been regulars on the main series show in a while. Darrell last appeared on Double Agents in 2020 (Dirty Thirty prior to that), and Veronica last appeared on Final Reckoning in 2018. So, they hold a unique position in the game.

Any time Darrell comes onto the show, there’s a level of respect. After all, he did win four consecutive appearances, but he doesn’t have the same history as other veterans in this game. But, it’s hard to imagine the he won’t be connected to some of the biggest teams in the competition.

Likely, he’s going to have the support of Johnny and Laurel, who he worked with on Invasion. He’s also close to Aneesa, and he seems to have developed a good friendship with Jordan on All Stars 3.

There are also veterans in the game that he isn’t super close to. For example, he’s done a couple seasons with Devin and Nelson, but they’ve never really been allies. Despite this, they’re likely to have some mutual respect. I don’t think Nelson or Devin are going to carry Darrell to the end, but I also think they’ll target rookies before they go after a super veteran like Darrell.

Of course, he also has ties with Amber. They worked well together on Double Agents, and she could probably use some more people in her corner. So, Darrell’s presence could benefit Amber more than she’ll benefit his game.

However, Veronica has fewer allies coming into this season. On All Stars 3, she made a lot of new friends (like the Treehouse), but only one of those people came onto Ride or Dies: Kailah.

As we know, Kailah left the game early, meaning very few people on the show have any relationship with Veronica. Nelson. Tori, and Devin all know her from her Trilogy return, but beyond that, few people have any connection to her.

For the most part, Veronica will have a similar bond with other veterans as Darrell. People know she’s crafty, and they’ll likely target rookies before they target her, but she’s not at the core of any alliances. Perhaps Aneesa will have her back, but it seems their relationship has more bad blood than good vibes.

As a duo, Darrell and Veronica will be an interesting addition. Most likely, they’ll be opposed by the “Big Brother Allies,” so teams like Kaycee & Kenny, Faysal & Moriah, and Devin & Tori. But, they have been friends for decades, and we know some of these pairings are fake. Perhaps this could be an advantage, and this could be the ultimate redemption for these two Road Rules alumni.

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