Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 4

Everything you need to know from Episode 4 of Ride or Dies

More veterans are in the game. Are more rookies in trouble?

Rookie Troubles

After Tommy & Analyse blindsided Olivia & Horacio last week, the two sit down to talk with their betrayed friends. But, Horacio is pissed, and Olivia calls out the Big Brother duo, rejecting the apology. Horatio gets comforted by Laurel, who tells him to take it on the chin, but it seems like she’s a bit more than friendly with Horacio.

Sink or Swing

The challenge is called Hold On For Me, and the goal is to hang onto a beam for as long as possible. But, there’s a catch. The hanging partner needs to tell their teammate when they’re about to release. Then, the second person will jump and cling onto their now-free falling partner. The team will use the momentum of the jump to collect a flag and bank their time. Miss the flag and you’re DQed. The first heat includes the new team — Darrell and Veronica — forcing Darrell to address his fear of heights. He competes, but the team doesn’t get their flag. In fact, no one gets a flag until Jordan & Aneesa go in the third heat, then Nelson & Nurys in the final heat. What do these two teams have in common? They’re the only two who had the females hang and used the males for momentum.

Breaking the Curse

After 54 daily challenges, Nelson finally gets a victory. Really, he needs to thank Nurys because she had the winning strategy. Now, he has something he hasn’t had in a long time: power.

Lovers, Not Allies

The cast goes out, and while Nurys wants to keep her rookie friends safe, Nelson insists that targeting vets will have repercussions. Nurys agrees, but this spells trouble for Nelson. He tells Olivia — who he’s been cuddling with all season — that he’s going to send her into elimination. She’s upset, but she understands and states that this might be a good thing because now people won’t suspect they’re working together.

Deals and Daggers

The nomination ceremony is straightforward. Tommy & Analyse, Kim & Colleen, Horacio & Olivia, and Darrell & Veronica get called down. While Nelson didn’t want to target veterans, he uses their late arrival as an excuse to nominate the Road Rulers. Ultimately, Tommy & Analyse will be the team sent to compete in The Zone and the other three will draw daggers. Nelson tries to orchestrate a plan so Kim & Colleen and Darrell & Veronica keep Horacio & Olivia safe. That way, his rookie lover won’t have to go into another elimination.

The Safest Route

At The Zone, nobody is surprised to see Tommy & Analyse get sent in, so the other three duos pull daggers. Darrell & Veronica go first, but their dagger is blank. Then, Horacio & Olivia go. They pull the safety dagger, and they save Darrell & Veronica because they feel the old-school team doesn’t have a lot of allies, but she doesn’t trust Colleen. After all, she is a Mole. So, Tommy & Analyse will face Kim & Colleen in Flipping Wasted.

An Unsolvable Problem

The elimination has one teammate lie on a pivoting board. The other one will need to pull a rope, bringing their partner to a puzzle and holding that person up long enough to solve a puzzle. If the board drops, the player lying on the board gets dunked in the mud. Kim gets Colleen to the puzzle with ease, but Tommy can’t get Analyse up to the puzzle. Colleen has her puzzle checked a few times, but she’s incorrect. By this point, Analyse is still in the mud and Kim is giving Tommy pointers. Colleen finally solves the puzzle, winning the elimination, but Analyse saw nothing but mud.


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