The Challenge

15 Lopsided Elimination Losses

If some eliminations are close calls, these cases are far calls.

This week, we saw Tommy give it his all during Flipping Wasted, but he couldn’t get Analyse to budge. Kim was giving him tips, while Colleen was solving her puzzle at a leisurely pace, and the Germans won before the Big Brother duo could touch a piece.

Sometimes, eliminations just aren’t balanced. Despite someone’s best efforts, they can’t get it done — and that’s precisely what happened in these 15 cases. As a viewer, you’re either laughing at them or pitying them, but losing these games was particularly tough. Regardless, these people went home and it wasn’t a close call.

I won’t be including people who essentially quit through an elimination. So, people like CJ & Sydney on Fresh Meat 2 or Jisela on The Gauntlet 2 aren’t included.

Latterrian | Pole Climb | The Gauntlet

Laterrian LT Gauntlet

Before he was snatching poles on All Stars, Laterrian floundered during a pole climbing elimination on The Gauntlet. It was his only elimination on the main series, and Alton scaled the pole in seconds. Laterrian was humbled, but to be fair, Alton is a notoriously good climber.

Ace | Bug Helmet | The Inferno

Bug helmet ace

Ace is notorious for his early departures, but it feels like he didn’t even try on The Inferno. Bug Helmet was supposed to be an endurance competition, but Ace didn’t even last a minute. Luckily, he redeemed himself on Battle of the Sexes 2 by going home second.

Danny | Beach Brawl | The Gauntlet 2

If we’ve learned anything by this point, it’s that Alton is really good. It’s unlikely that anyone was betting on Danny to win this elimination, but Alton just tapped him on the back and he flew out of the circle. Needless to say, Alton returned to his team without breaking a sweat.

Casey | Ball Brawl | The Gauntlet 3

On The Gauntlet 3, the stage was set for Evelyn to face Coral. Then, Coral quit and Casey saw the writing on the wall. She was going to get sent into The Gauntlet, volunteered herself, and had to face Ev. There’s no doubt that Casey tried, but despite her efforts, Evelyn flung her like a mosquito.

Bananas | Back Up Off Me | Cutthroat

Perhaps the most notorious loss in Challenge history, CT picked up Bananas and wore him like a backpack during Back Up Off Me. Allegedly, Tyler battled with CT for nearly an hour, while Bananas lasted seconds.

Jasmine | Balls In | Free Agents

We all know Jasmine is one of the shortest (if not the shortest) Challenge competitors we’ve seen. Laurel lies on the opposite end of the spectrum, being one of the tallest girls to play. When they faced each other in Balls In, Laurel won with ease, though Jasmine gave it her best effort.

Nany | Strung Out | Battle of the Exes 2

If you remember this elimination, it’s probably because Leroy sped through it in seconds. Before his performance, we watched Nia creep down the beam one inch at a time. Despite this, Nany hung there like a hammock. There was no forward movement and Bananas got eliminated without even competing.

Nate & Christina | Shattered Dreams | Rivals 3

It’s hard to believe this duo eliminated Cory & Ashley, so it seemed possible that they could shock viewers and take out a bigger threat — Wes & Nany. Then, they got a coordination game. Wes figured it out quickly, but Nate and Christina hit everything but the targets.

Tony | Tuk Tuk Bang Bang | Invasion of the Champions

Early into his Challenge career, Tony didn’t have a great track record. On Invasion, right before the birth of his second daughter, Tony was getting his act together. However, he couldn’t figure out how to move his Tuk Tuk this elimination and he was actually moving backward at some points. So, the father of two lost an elimination with “Bang Bang” in the name… the jokes write themselves.

Jenn | Flip the Switch | Total Madness

On Total Madness, no one wanted to face Jenny West, but given the skull twist, everyone wanted to face Jenn Lee. In the first female elimination, the two faced each other. It was Jenn’s opportunity to defeat the giant for the ultimate upset, but it didn’t happen. Jenn only flipped up a couple of her switches and Jenny moved through the game with ease, only using one arm at some points.

Mechie | Asset Destruction II | Double Agents

Losing to Josh isn’t a good look, especially in an elimination that’s best remembered for him throwing a ball at the target, but being so weak it didn’t break through. But, Mechie was so bad at the puzzle that Josh had time to make mistakes. The Big Brother winner got his only elimination win, and Mechie is probably still trying to solve that slider.

Aneesa | Fire Escape | Double Agents

Similar to Nany in Strung Out, Big T had plenty of time to beat Aneesa. Not that Big T was fast, but Aneesa made no progress whatsoever. She just sat there tied to the beam, waiting for Big T to inch to the end.

Hughie | Race to Escape | Spies, Lies and Allies

On Spies, Lies and Allies, Hughie started to convince people that he was underrated. Then, he had to compete in Race to Escape. Prior to this season, he had a Brazilian butt lift. He couldn’t get up the pole because his ass was too fat… but at least the surgery was a success.

Leah | Dead Weight | All Stars 2

Ayanna came into this elimination with a sense of intensity and determination to prove herself. She performed well, but Leah spent most of the time diddling her carabiner. By the time she could actually move a sled, she was stuck in the mud due to the weight. Ayanna easily won, helped Leah finish, and probably had the strength to complete the course again.

Tommy | Flipping Wasted | Ride or Dies

Much like Leah, Tommy couldn’t move the weight to complete this elimination, though this meant Analyse was literally stuck in the mud. He showed a lot of heart, but that didn’t mean a whole lot when Colleen showed TJ a completed puzzle.

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