The Challenge

Longest Elimination Streaks Without Losses

These people do a whole lot more winning than they do losing.

Last week, Faysal won his fourth elimination in a row, and he’s never lost one before. In The Challenge world, this is a rare accomplishment. Most people lose an elimination early into their careers, preventing them from getting to a final.

So, we’re going to check out the exclusive club of people who have survived multiple eliminations without being sent home. Once the competitor has a single loss, they no longer qualify. But, the streak can transcend many seasons provided the competitor doesn’t get sent home through an elimination.

NOTE: Any name that is italicized is an active streak that could be expanded upon if the person returns to the show.

4 Wins

Derrick Kosinski- 4 wins on The Gauntlet 2

Susie Meister– 1 win on The Inferno 3, 3 wins on The Ruins

Aneesa Ferreira- 1 win on The Gauntlet 2, 3 wins on The Duel (note: her Gauntlet win was simply due to the fact that she was willing to compete against Beth, then Beth quit before the elimination began)

Georgia Harrison: 2 wins on War of the Worlds, 2 wins on War of the Worlds 2

Theo Campbell: 1 win on War of the Worlds, 3 wins on War of the Worlds 2

Emy Alupei– 4 wins on Spies, Lies and Allies

Faysal Shafaat– 1 win on Total Madness, 2 wins on Double Agents, 1 win on Ride or Dies

Honorable Mention: Kellyanne Judd- She won The Rack face-off on The Island, keeping her safe, then she won 2 Ruins and 1 elimination on Battle of the Bloodlines. She did lose the Water Bound face-off on The Island, but no one was sent home.

5 Wins

Sarah Greyson– 5 wins on The Gauntlet

Casey Cooper- 5 wins on Fresh Meat

Alton Williams- 1 win on The Gauntlet, 3 wins on The Gauntlet 2, 1 win on The Inferno 3

Emily Schromm- 2 wins on Cutthroat, 3 wins on Battle of the Exes

Jenna Compono- 3 wins on Battle of the Bloodlines, 2 wins on Invasion

Horacio Gutiérrez– 4 wins on Ride or Dies

6 Wins

Kam Williams- 3 wins on Vendettas, 2 wins on Final Reckoning, 1 win on War of the Worlds. Note: Kam lost That’s the Ticket, a redemption game on Final Reckoning. If you count this, her streak is 5 wins, ending after the second Final Reckoning elimination win. That season also includes a redemption win and two purge losses.

8 Wins

Wes Bergmann- 5 wins on Fresh Meat, 1 win on The Duel, 2 wins on The Ruins.

Wes came onto the franchise with a hot head and something to prove. But it’s hard to deny that he was a great competitor after he made the final on his first season and won his second season. Though it was Cohutta, of all people, that eventually eliminated him.

9 Wins

Laurel Stucky- 1 win on Fresh Meat 2, 1 win on Cutthroat, 2 wins on Rivals, 4 wins on Free Agents, 1 win on Invasion

From the moment she entered the game, it’s hard to deny that Laurel was a force to be reckoned with. Nobody wants to see her in an elimination, and since losing her streak on Invasion, she’s collected another win and entered the coveted double-digit elimination wins club.


  1. I hate to disagree with you my man, but Jenna won 2 Elimination on Invasion, beating both Anika and Sylvia before losing in the Bloodbath.

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