The Challenge

Sarah Rice Reveals Why She Won’t Be Back on The Challenge

Sarah's been away from reality TV for seven years, and the return isn't coming any time soon.

It’s been seven years since Rivals 3 aired, but most of the veterans have returned to The Challenge. Even Nany and Wes returned after their hiatuses, but Sarah has been away from MTV.

But, when All Stars came around, people wondered if this would be enough to convince the two-time champ to return. And the answer is almost.

Recently, Sarah posted on Instagram to share her reasons with fans.

1. They still don’t provide aftercare. On The Brain Candy Podcast Sarah has spoken at length about the mental health toll the shows have had on cast members. Many contestants don’t realize why they’ve signed up for, and even the veterans can be subjected to unexpected trauma.

2. There’s no way to guarantee other contestants won’t cheat. No one checks the contestants for steroid usage, but this likely refers to Bananas allegedly taking Adderall during the Rivals 3 final so he could outperform Sarah, giving him more points in the end, and allowing him to steal her money.

3. And last but certainly not least… They won’t let me bring Susie with me 😂. Apparently, Sarah accepted the invitation for All Stars 4, but she wanted to go with Susie (who also accepted). Production then wanted to proceed with Sarah, but Susie’s phone line went cold. Production acted like bringing Susie onto the show was a favor for Sarah, so Sarah declined her invitation to move forward with the casting process.

So, Sarah likely won’t be back any time soon, and production won’t be able to convince her otherwise (but Susie might be able to). However, she also went on Instagram and explained she received her Master’s in marriage and family counseling, and she works for a private practice. She has a full caseload of patients, and she can’t really leave them for months to film a show.

Sarah’s also one of those people who I’ll never truly believe is fully retired. She has a long-running podcast and discusses the show somewhat frequently, so she hasn’t completely buried her past. The stars could align and present her and Susie with the perfect opportunity to return, but if she never comes back to the show, I think she’ll be just fine.

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