Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 12

The top moments from episode 12 of Ride or Dies

Faysal’s team is 2-0, but will the tides turn this week?

Phoning It In

The teams return after the elimination, and Nelson gets a phone call from his real ride or die: Cory. Nelson confesses he’s been working with Faysal, but Cory tells him not to lose focus and keep focused on the end goal of winning and helping his mother. Then, Jordan calls his friend who also volunteered in Ukraine with him, because the season wouldn’t be complete if that didn’t get mentioned.

Day of the Underdogs

The cast shows up for the challenge and a helicopter is flying in. The game is called Chopper Drop, and teams will hang onto beams held by the helicopter. The six suspended players will need to drop into targets in the water (no more than 2 per target). Smaller targets mean bigger points, then players need to swim to a platform. Whichever team earns the most points the fastest wins. Faysal’s team goes first, and they collect 440 points, the maximum. So, the only way Moriah’s team can win will be by swimming to the final dock faster than Faysal’s team. Players on Moriah’s team notice that Tori and Kaycee have the longest swim, and they would benefit from some help. So, when Moriah’s team goes, they also get 440 points, and it becomes a race for time. But, Jordan and Devin swim backward so they can help Nany and Moriah swim to the platform. This helps the team clock a faster time and Moriah’s team finally secures a win.

Tables Turned

Different people are in power, and Devin is implementing “operation save Chauncey,” because apparently, it’s in everyone’s best interest to save Chauncey. Then, they determine it’s smart to keep Bananas safe because he’s likely to keep Chauncey safeif he draws the safety dagger because Faysal and Nelson will obviously save each other. So, at the inquisition, everyone is trying to determine alliances, but none of the nominees are saying names. But, it feels like the choice boils down to Nelson or Faysal. However, Moriah can’t agree. Faysal is her ride or die, Nelson is Faysal’s obvious ally, and she’s coupled with Faysal. So, Chauncey would be her obvious pick.

Shoot Til They Miss

Devin and Jordan start talking, and while Faysal seems unbeatable, Jordan thinks that strong players will eventually lose in elimination. And he doesn’t think Faysal’s seen a lot of eliminations, so the two veterans want to send Faysal in as the direct vote. Ideally, they’d like to see Nelson face Faysal… and that’s the real reason for “operation save Chauncey.”

Game and Personal Deals

As the decision is weighing on Jordan’s mind, Tori comes to him and says that she put her neck on the line to keep him safe two weeks ago. Now, she’s asking Jordan not to take a big shot at her team (presumably by sending in Faysal) the first chance he gets. She confesses that this will upset her and bleed into her perception of him. But, Jordan wants to keep game and personal relationships separate. And he wants to uphold his reputation of doing what he says, so he doesn’t appreciate Tori trying to sway his decision with personal implications.

A Terrible Move

At the Zone, Jordan votes in Faysal strictly because Tori held her relationship “hostage,” and he “doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.” He admits he went back on his word, and Tori is mad that Jordan tried to blame this on her. So, the team gives 3 votes to Faysal and 2 to Nelson, but Moriah has the final vote. She doesn’t want to force a tie, and votes in Chauncey as a burn vote… but she essentially voted in her ride or die Faysal. At the draw, Bananas picks a blank dagger but Chauncey gets the safety dagger. So, Bananas is kept safe by Chauncey and Nelson will face Faysal in Spearheaded.

Spearheaded Home

The elimination puts competitors in a cage with nine spears in the wall, all with their own chains, but they’re tangled in the middle. Competitors need to unlock the chains and free the nine spears. The chains are easy, but the spears are stuck in drywall, and competitors need to break the walls. This is the hard part, and Faysal gets a lead here. Nelson doesn’t slow down, but he never develops a rhythm. So, Faysal frees the nine spears and defeats Nelson for the second time in his Challenge career.

Because Nurys is also eliminated, both Nelson and Nurys are officially off the season.


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