Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 14

The top moments from episode 14 of Ride or Dies

A girl left last week. Which guy leave this week?

First, We Dance

The cast shows up for the challenge, and it’s at the same high building from episode 4, but this time it’s a nighttime challenge. The game is called Takes Two to Tango, and the players need to work in pairs. They need to navigate their way across a narrow beam that’s hundreds of feet off the ground. Throughout the course duo will encounter turntables, just like the tango, they’ll need to turn around. If they can’t complete the course in 10 minutes, they’ll get yanked off. Tori & Faysal go first, they move slow, and Faysal is clumsy and awkward. Then, Aneesa and Chauncey are scheduled to go, but Chauncey is too scared to compete. He quits, which really has no repercussion on his team other than him not being able to clock a time, because the duo with the fast time wins the challenge for their whole team.

Then, We Dance Again

The second half of the challenge goes by faster, but each team has an odd number of players. This means both teams will have one competitor make walks through the course. On Nany’s team, she does her second run with Horacio, and Faysal does his second run with Kaycee. Due to his size, Faysal seems to carry Kaycee through the course and her toes barely touch the ground. But, it lets them finish quickly and the pair wins the challenge for their team.

The Love of the Vote

At the interrogation, there are only three names on the board. Most people are OK with not making Devin the direct vote, so they’re split between Jordan and Horacio. It feels like Tori is the swing vote, and she still feels she’s put her neck on the line for Jordan and doesn’t know how long she can stick up for him without getting anything in return. So when Jordan is being questioned, Tori airs her grievances. She never received an apology for Jordan’s “terrorist” comments, but Jordan feels she was holding her love hostage for the sake of the game. Still, Jordan maintains he’d keep Tori safe 100%, and Tori is toying with a real relationship for a make-believe game.

The Lover Votes

The teams get to The Zone, and they know the game. It’s Balls In. But first, we need to get the players. The vote comes down to Tori, and she gets emotional. But, even after all the drama, she votes for Horacio. However, Jordan (and Devin) aren’t safe yet. It’s down to the daggers, and Devin walks up and grabs the safe one. So, it’s Jordan against Horacio in Balls In.

Looking for a Hat Trick

We all know this game — first to get three points wins — and it starts with Jordan on offense. Horacio tackles Jordan, but Jordan muscles through it and scores a basket. Then, Horacio plays offense and scores a basket by using speed to fake out Jordan and get past him. The second round follows a similar pattern, but in the third heat Horacio gets the ball out of Jordan’s hands. So, he has the advantage. In his third time playing offense, Horacio tries to be nimble and get past Jordan, but Jordan catches his ankle. This makes Horacio stumble, but he’s not out. He loses a shoe, but breaks free and scores the basket, letting him defeat Jordan.

The Reunion

After the elimination, TJ warns that he could show up at any moment, and the new day, he comes into the house just to tell them to pack up and head to The Zone. When they get there, TJ tells the teams to get back into the Ride or Die pairs, but this leave Faysal, Aneesa, and Kaycee alone. TJ gathers them, then he brings out Moriah, Jordan, and Kenny. The teams are reunited, but they won’t all get back into the game. They’re playing Don’t Let Me Down.


The teams have a heavy cylinder, and they need to roll it up a ramp together and hold it past a line. First team to do this for one minute wins. Jordan & Aneesa cross the line first, but their feet slide on the ramp and they fall below the line. Then, Faysal and Moriah get past the line and their clock starts. However, this game seems to be hard for Kaycee & Kenny and they’re sliding down the ramp and making no progress. Soon, it becomes Faysal & Moriah against Jordan & Aneesa, but the Real Worlders can’t get their footing. Eventually, Faysal & Moriah accumulate a minute and earn their spot back in the game. But, Kaycee & Kenny and Jordan & Aneesa aren’t out yet. There’s a second game next week.

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