Challenge: World Championship Streaming

The Challenge UK & Australia Coming to Paramount+

Two new seasons, two new accents

Looking for more Challenge content? Soon, Parmount+ will let you watch the Australian and UK spinoffs.

These two international spinoffs will be added to the Parmount+ catalog in February. The Australian version will start streaming on February 15 while the UK version debuts on February 25.

The Daily Beast also lists season 36 as an upcoming release on February 1. But, Double Agents is already on the service. So, this is old news or a typo. Potentially, we could be getting Spies, Lies and Allies.

Regardless, this seems like an intentional addition. As we prepare for The Challenge: World Championship to premier on March 8, this will give viewers some time to get accustomed to the new faces.

No word on The Challenge: Argentina yet. It seems possible that we may get it, but it’s also in Spanish, so it may not be accessible to English speakers. And I doubt the service will spend time and money dubbing it, so a version with subtitles is the best we can hope for.

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