Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 19

The top moments from episode 19 of Ride or Dies

The end is here, after three weeks.

Bombs Away

The pairs wake up, and they meet TJ at a helicopter. The teams are going up, and they’re given chalk bombs to throw at targets. Because they finished in third, Jordan & Aneesa get 15 balls, Devin & Tori get 20, and Bananas & Nany get 25. Devin & Tori go first, and they hit 10 targets. Then, Jordan & Aneesa go and Aneesa decides to give Jordan the majority of the chalk bombs, but the duo only gets 6 hits. Finally, Bananas & Nany go, and they also hit 6 targets. So, Devin & Tori emerge as the winners and they’re given the power to determine the order teams are released at the next stage. Of course, they choose: Devin & Tori, Jordan & Aneesa, then Bananas & Nany.

An Amazing Run

The teams take off on another run, and suddenly it’s dark. They finally get to a corn maze, and they’re given the task of choosing a path. Devin & Tori and Bananas & Nany end up at a set of glowing tents, but Jordan & Aneesa chose a different path and arrived at a different set of tents. The teams are confused, then TJ lights up the field and decides to play a twisted game.

The Biggest Twist

TJ releases teams in the order they arrived at their camp site, and the teams need to find TJ. To do this, they’ll need to run through the maze and get to the center. This is easier said than done, because it’s a corn maze after all. The partners get frustrated because they’re finding a lot of dead ends, but Devin & Tori get through the maze first. Then, Bananas & Nany get to the center, and Nany’s pissed. Bananas was moving way too fast, and her knee injury has been irritated again. Finally, Jordan & Aneesa get there. But, only thing that matters is Devin & Tori’s first place finish. TJ introduces the teams to the final Zone of the season, and the two losing teams are facing off in Balls In.

Dropping the Ball

The first team to score three points wins, and we’re alternating between women and men. Nany’s up first, and she passes by Aneesa but don’t manage to drop the ball in the basket. Then, Nany charges into Aneesa and she drops the ball out of bounds. Then, Bananas and Jordan go. They tackle each other, but they fall to the ground inside the ring. Based on the rules, they get to put the ball in the basket. Now, the score is 1-1. Then, Nany and Aneesa go again. Nany misses the basket, but Aneesa plows through Nany and makes the score 2-1. When the men go again, Bananas scores, but he knows he’s still behind. When Jordan is on offense, Bananas grabs is shirt and tackles him to the ground. So, the score is tied again: 2-2. Now, the women are playing again. Nany plows into Aneesa, causing Aneesa’s knee to buckle. Nany scores, but Aneesa is hurt. She insists on playing offense again, but Nany goes straight for her ankle. So, she pushes Aneesa to the ground, hurting her ankle, and taking the victory. Aneesa & Jordan are eliminated.

The Final Level

On the final day, the cast is summoned to The Zone again to play Level Up. Teams need to navigate through a series of stations, and once they escape and pull the lever, they win the season. TJ surprises the cast by bringing out Aneesa, Jordan, Horacio, and and bruised-up Olivia.

Station 1: A series of spears that need to be removed from the wall, similar to Spearheaded played by Nelson and Faysal
Station 2: The teams need to move and stack 200 cinder blocks, similar to the first half of In Your Face, but the blocks will be arranged to make a puzzle
Station 3: It’s just a room full of sand. Move it to get to the next door.
Station 4: The teams need to untangle a room of chains to progress, another nod to Spearheaded

At station 1, Bananas has the most strength, so he gets his team a lead, but Tori & Devin aren’t far behind. Then, they get to the puzzle. Bananas & Nany can move the cinder blocks, but the puzzle proves to be a struggle. Many of the pieces are blank, but others have painted sides. These are the ones that will be used to assemble the puzzle. Of course, this is where Devin excels. He’s very methodical and organizes pieces as he moves them. Meanwhile Bananas & Nany start their puzzle one layer too high. So, they need to find the missing piece, but Tori & Devin proceed.

Buried Hopes

As Tori & Devin progress to the third station, Bananas & Nany realize they’re missing another puzzle piece. This means they must have buried it under their other cinder blocks and they’ll need to disassemble the whole thing. This disheartens the team, they’re exhausted, and they’re watching Devin & Tori progress. So, they sit down and let the Are You the One team push through to the end. Then, Tori & Devin flip the switch.

$38,000 Oprah

Tori & Devin have been declared the winners of Ride or Dies, and they get to split $1,000,000. But, they follow a tradition that the Spies, Lies, and Allies winners began. Everyone in the final gets paid, so they’re giving all six of the runners-up a $38,000 pay day.

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