Challenge: Ride or Dies

Do We Really Need a 3 Episode, 100 Hour Final?

On Ride or Dies, just watching the final feels exhausting

We’ve watched two full episodes of the Ride or Dies final, and what do we have? No winners, multiple injuries, and three big plates of pasta.

The final will end in episode 19, after our third full week watching it, we will have our winners. But, this massive final feels like it’s been seriously dragging.

Day one, we saw Aneesa roll her ankle, Nany (apparently) hurt her knee, Olivia slice her finger open, and then she shot herself in the face with a golf ball. And what was the end result of this? Devin & Tori got a small lead going into day two and Aneesa & Jordan fed Bananas & Nany answers to a puzzle so everyone could get to bed.

Then, on day two, we saw a run, cast members push a car, and an eating competition. It really felt like a significant amount of the competition was cut out of the episode, because it got dark really quickly after the cast pushed their cars. But none of that really matters, because at the end of the day, Bananas & Nany took the lead. But it probably won’t give them a whole lot going into day three.

If you’ve been following along, you probably have one question about this final: WHY?

Most likely, it’s because they show needs to be longer. The Challenge is not an inexpensive program to make, especially with that million dollar prize. So, the show needs to make a profit somehow, and more air time means more commercials. Then, there’s the fact that MTV doesn’t have a whole lot of massive shows any more. The Challenge is a strong performer on the network, so once production is invested in a season, they want to make the most of it.

While all of that is fine, the general consensus is that the final is way too long and has been dragging. Part of the reason may have to do with Olivia & Horacio’s disqualification.

It’s possible — I’d even say likely — that there was supposed to be an elimination. We know The Zone returns in the third episode of the final, but it would have fit much better earlier into the game. Plus, that would allow for the daggers to play a more important role. When there are four teams, the winner (at that point) would have immunity from The Zone, while one team would get safety at a draw.

Though this is more speculation than anything else. We all know the final is three episodes for two reasons: it can be, and it’s more profitable. This isn’t 2011 when MTV had a lineup of popular shows to fill the schedule. Right now, The Challenge is the network’s ratings leader, and they’re going to get the most out of those viewers.

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