Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from The Reunion

The top moments from the Ride or Dies reunion

The Challenge is over. The drama isn’t. Maria Menounos is hosting.

Hook Ups and Downers

We start with positive news — Amber is pregnant. Then we get a series of questions: Aneesa agrees that Jordan pushed her, but not too hard, and Jakk agreed that Laurel can be abrasive, but he can take it. Then, we see some heat between Johnny and Ravyn. Johnny claims they were never an item, but Ravyn chimes in and claims that he definitely led her on. And she felt lonely in the house while Nurys and Johnny hooked up. Nurys admits she saw Johnny after filming, and she told Johnny about her relationship with Jordan. Ravyn was upset because Nurys was hooking up with multiple people, but Nurys tells her to mind her business.

Double Rivals

We move onto the Michele and Laurel drama. Michele says that Laurel’s “energy” was off after some incidents in the house (she slipped on toilet water and hurt her knee). After this, Laurel gradually warmed up to other people, but never Michele. Laurel admitted she doesn’t like Michele, but Michele feels that there was no reason for the energy to shift. Ultimately, these two won’t get along — nor will Jakk and Jay. They were going to meet up after filming, but Jay wanted to bring his camera and make Instagram content. Jay says it’s because he’s a professional photographer and wanted to take pics for Jakk, but Jakk views this as staged and fake.

Feeling Sorry

Of course, the Tori and Jordan drama shows up, and Jordan apologizes for sending Faysal into The Zone, but he doesn’t apologize for the feelings he had. He still feels Tori held their relationship outside of the show hostage, but Tori denies that. She said the decision would affect the relationship, not even ruin it. Ultimately, Jordan just wanted Tori to take his word. He said that he would protect Tori, and he was going to, so why question it? But, he did apologize for going back on the deal and says that was a mistake.

Words After the Final

Then, we’re onto conversations about that long-ass final. Bananas feels bad the he made a “boneheaded mistake” that cost him and Nany the game. We also get Aneesa’s tears. She felt this could be the season she finally won, but her knee and ankle gave out and she lost. Olivia also lets us know that her face was broken in five spots, but she could have died if the golf ball hit her in the eye, so she’ll take a scar.

Nany’s Strength

Maria then talks to Nany about the passing of her mother — something that impacts Maria because she also lost her mother recently. Nany confesses that her mother raised her to be a fighter, and she wanted to compete and make her mom proud rather than sit at home and be depressed. Her mother wouldn’t have wanted that, but Nany also felt guilty because Kaycee’s priority on the season was supporting her and she worried she took the experience away from Kaycee. But, Nany is in a better place now, and she’s glad she did the season because it helped with her recovery.

The Cost of Help

At the end, we talk about whether or not the audience should be able to help in elimination, which took Turbo & Tamara and Jay & Michele out of the game. Michele was upset about the way things went down, but Jordan says it’s always been this way. But we need both sides of the story, and Turbo was going to show up, but he backed out at the last minute.

Level 2 Pussy Chicken

Turbo sends in a video, and he calls out everyone. It’s really just an effort to stir up controversy, but let’s be honest, we need that. Basically, he said that the whole cast had to come together to get rid of him in the game, and sends his middle finger to everyone. He calls Tori two-faced, tells Nelson to buy a brain, says Nany is getting cheaper, and claims Bananas, Jordan, and Devin are trash.

Ride or Dones

The cast touches on some of the betrayals on the season, most notably, Faysal and Moriah. Moriah gets called out for burning her vote on Faysal, then she gets into an argument with Aneesa. She claims Aneesa was mean to her and said she only survived in the game because she was sleeping with Bananas. Aneesa claims that she’s always nice, but this is Moriah’s first time playing the game and she’s older, so they didn’t connect. Then, Faysal gets called out for adopting a “not my partner, not my problem” mentality after the teams split. Faysal denies this, but Nurys claims she heard him say it, so she told Moriah and warned Moriah to act accordingly.

Healing Hearts

Once again, we’re on the subject of Tori and Jordan, and we’re asked if the two are rekindling their relationship. Firstly, Tori says she was glad that she spoke with Jordan. The first conversation they had at the bar was hard, but it began the healing process. Nurys also says she doesn’t regret hooking up with Jordan, but she wishes she didn’t put herself into the drama. But, now Jordan and Tori “get to really have each other’s backs.” It implies they’re not together, but it’s not a clear answer — and we know they’re on The Challenge: World Championship together.

The Break Ups

We watch a reel of hook ups, many of them involving Faysal. Michele says that she’s past their relationship, but it was confusing while they were in the house. Horacio feels bad he led Laurel on, but there’s no bad blood between the two. They’ve seen each other since filming, but neither one is ready to commit 100%. Nurys has blocked Johnny on all social media, but, they hooked up last night. Nelson feels that Olivia forgot about him after filming. Olivia says she’s not in a position where she wants to be in a relationship, but Nelson wanted to at least be friends after the show.

Friends Before Foes

Nelson gets a moment of praise when people acknowledge his commitment to Faysal. He had the chance to send him into elimination, but he didn’t. Nelson reveals that even Cory was surprised he didn’t take revenge for the Double Agents betrayal, but Nelson doesn’t want to continue the cycle of betrayal. While many people find this honorable, Nelson acknowledges that it hasn’t made him a champ.

Clearing the Air

We get rapid-fire questions. Jordan and Laurel admit they have hooked up at some point semi-recently, but not within the past year. Chauncey claims when he called girls fake on social media, he was specifically referring to Aneesa and Nurys. Tori reveals it was easy for her to open up about her mental health because she hurt so many people while she was suffering, and this helped her heal.

Then, Amber reveals she was recently diagnosed as autistic. She spent much of her life struggling in social settings and feeling uncomfortable, but her attempts to treat symptoms didn’t work. This diagnosis helped give her a better understanding of herself, and her castmates showed her support.

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