Challenge: Ride or Dies

How’s Olivia Doing After the Ride or Dies Final?

Five months after taking a golf ball to her face, Olivia is healing nicely.

During the Ride or Dies final, a golf ball eliminated Olivia and Horacio from the game. The undefeated rookies had to bow out of the race because things were looking pretty bad for Olivia. We’ve seen the damage, but how is she doing now?

This was not some trivial injury, and Olivia confessed she was worried that it would leave her with a serious scar and she wouldn’t look like herself. But, in the simplest words possible, she claims “I’m good now.”

It took her five months to get to this place, and it wasn’t easy. After the initial impact, she broke her face in five places, including her nose, optical bone, and a crack to the skull. On top of that, it limited her vision and made it difficult for her to move her eyes. She’s gotten surgery that left her in stitches, then she had the scar lasered.

Olivia has documented her road to recovery. She had to go to doctors in Argentina and the States, and now she wears her scar as a badge of honor. But, it would be a stretch to say this scar defines her. You can see it, but only if you really look for it.

Somehow, Olivia walked away with a positive mindset. She said it forced her to confront her self-esteem issues, and superficial things impact her less.

Production is lucky Olivia is taking this in stride, and Jordan has commented to say he feels the show needs better safety equipment. Sometimes the cast has cheap goggles rather than sturdy ones used by skiers. If Olivia was wearing those, they could have shattered and blinded her. In the future, I expect we’ll see better protective gear for Challengers’ faces, but also, let’s not slingshot golf balls anymore.


  1. I have Never enjoyed Newbies..but Olivia & Horacio changed that for me…What an awesome duo…I’m so sorry for what happened to her….& so thankful that she is doing well….Sure to see you both again…

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