Challenge: World Championship

Why is Kellyanne on The Challenge: World Championship?

Why is this three-time finalist on a show full of champions?

The Challenge: World Championship has quite the mix of contestants on the roster. When it comes to the “legends,” some of them make sense like Bananas, Jonna, Amber, and Jordan. Other ones have us scratching our heads, especially the ones who never actually won.

Kellyanne may be the most perplexing. Despite the fact that she’s made three finals (The Ruins, and All Stars 1 & 3), she never actually won… or has she.

Well, obviously the official answer is no, but if you look at her intro video, she gets a good amount of recognition for her performance on the All Stars 1 final. While Yes was crowned the sole champion on that season, Kellyanne tied with Jonna for the most points on the female side. If I had to guess, Kellyanne would have won for the women. Production would have seen the obvious potential for a tie and given the last leg of the final more weight, allowing Kellyane to edge out Jonna.

This is just a theory, but it’s the best explanation for Kellyanne’s appearance. Especially because we know Jenny West — an actual champ — was on board to do the show and checks all the same demographic boxes as Kellyanne.

There’s also a possibility that they cast Kellyanne simply because she’s dramatic and made a final, but the show really hasn’t put much emphasis on drama during recent seasons. Even when they were, Kellyanne was made an alternate on Vendettas, we know she’s not an invaluable cast member in production’s eyes.

But, for whatever reason, we have her on the show. She’s one of the few remaining Real Worlders still getting cast, so old school fans will appreciate her presence.

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