The Challenge

Georgia Harrison Talks About Returning to The Challenge

Will the UK star be back on the show?

It’s been over three years since Georgia Harrison was on The Challenge, but many fans would still like to see her return. After War of the Worlds 2, there were rumors that she was kinda, sorta banned from the show.

Like many people who have been temp-banned around the War of the Worlds 2 era, they’ve been crawling back to the show. And Georgia was no different. Apparently, she was going to be on Ride or Dies with Theo, but was dropped shortly before filming started.

The two have been quite close over the years. US Challenge fans may not know this, but Georgia and Theo were both on Love Island UK 3 before coming on to War of the Worlds.

We don’t know the reason the duo was dropped. Production may have wanted to give Theo more time to heal after his eye was injured, or they might have felt uncomfortable bringing the these two controversial competitors onto the show, or maybe they just wanted to move away from UK competitors.

Regardless, it looks like our opportunity to see Georgia may have passed. The British reality star discussed her potential return to the show and says it’s unlikely. She expressed a lot of gratitude for her time on the show, but she currently has a lot of money-making opportunities in the UK, and she can’t leave for 2+ months to film a show.

She also said she feels like she’s a bit old to do the show — which is comical. She’s currently 28. Many competitors in the modern era make their debuts when they’re older than 28.

But the reason doesn’t really matter. It seems unlikely that Georgia will return any time soon, but it’s also not impossible. Someone like her might remember the good times, and if the timeline works out, she could be back. It just doesn’t seem like it will happen any time soon.

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