Challenge: World Championship

The Challenge World Championship: MVPs + LVPs from Episode 9

Which players have a good chance at dominating this Championship? And who's in the worst position on episode 9?

The whole game has been shaken up. Alliances have crumbled, and you could say the game has transformed.

This is not a full summary. If you want to know what happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.


5. Kiki: Despite coming in last place this week during Highway Hijacking, Kiki has confidence in herself, and that helped her persevere in Hands Off. She won another elimination and she remains undefeated on The Challenge.

4. Tori: Finally, Tori seems to be in a good spot with her alliance. She’s crafted a plan where she’ll be safe next week (assuming she doesn’t lose the challenge), but it required a leap of faith this week. That was successful, so she should be able to coast next week.

3. Sarah: It seems like Sarah’s alliance is finally starting to work with her. They’ve crafted a plan where she can proceed together, and next week the group will target Emily & Yes. Will she stick to the plan? Probably not, but she’s in a position where she has some control.

2. Kaz: We haven’t seen Kaz shine much this season, but being partners with Jordan, it was bound to happen eventually. While this means power and safety, she was also excluded from conversations with Jordan about the game. This meant she had to send in Tristan, but if things continue to follow the plan, she’ll remain safe.

1. Jordan: It took a while, but Jordan finally won. Now, he’s working to bring Sarah and Tori onto the same page, and he’s crafted a plan that was upheld this week. However, it may be a struggle to enforce it next week, but for the time being, it looks like Jordan has the game in the palms of his hands.


5. Yes: Eventually, Yes would need to play a game that forces him to pick sides and make moves. This week, he was in a conundrum when KellyAnne asked for his votes. He declined, but it seems he may be on the outskirts of his alliance with Sarah.

4. Danny: The dynamic between Danny and Tori seems to be mending, and they’ve made an agreement that will allow them to survive into the foreseeable future of the game. But, it seems Danny may have gotten the short end of the stick because his alliance will be jeopardized next week.

3. Emily: During Highway Hijacking, Emily flipped her car and got shaken up. She’s fine, and she didn’t come in last place, but her real struggle is in her alliance. She’s protecting Sarah at all costs. Meanwhile, Sarah seems to entertain the idea of throwing her into elimination next week.

2. KellyAnne: Two weeks ago, KellyAnne was riding high and making moves. Last week, her alliance crumbled and she lost a lot of numbers. She couldn’t save herself this week, despite efforts, and found herself in elimination. Hands Off was tough, and she gave it a good run, but it ultimately cost her the game.

1. Tristan: It’s one thing to lose, but Tristan lost on his birthday and was blindsided by Kaz. Hands Off was a struggle, mostly due to his size difference with KellyAnne, and he finally went home. But, he is lucky that he survived the first week, so this isn’t a bad run on the season.

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