The Challenge

Will Nany Ever Win The Challenge?

Nany is talking about taking a break, but when she returns, could she get her first Challenge victory?

Season 39 of The Challenge is still looming in the distance, but soon enough, we’ll start hearing casting rumors. Two names that are unlikely to appear: Nany and Kaycee.

The couple has discussed intentions of taking breaks from the show. Nany has done six consecutive seasons while Kaycee has only done four (plus World Championship). But just like Nany’s first run on the show, six seasons seems to be her limit — then she took a hiatus from Invasion through Final Reckoning.

Nany is a very rare species in the modern era. She’s only done the main series: no All Stars, Champs spinoffs, World Championship, or Challenge USA. So, we’re only going to talk about the main show when looking at Nany’s future.

Only two people have matched or passed Nany’s 12 appearances on the show without a win: Aneesa has done 16 seasons, and Leroy has also done 12.

If there’s one thing Nany can do, it’s run a final. She completed the Free Agents, Double Agents, and Ride or Dies finals without much issue. Sure, she complained a little bit, but her endurance shouldn’t come into question. She can get to the finish line. But can she ever do it the fastest?

In my eyes, Nany is not a lost cause. Similar to someone like Paula, she’s a great wing woman, but she has shortcomings. Most specifically, she’s someone who will get crushed by puzzles and math.

A lot of people claim that Ride or Dies was her only real shot at winning because she was paired with Bananas, but let’s be honest, they have similar weaknesses. A puzzle cost them the final, and neither player has a great track record with puzzles. But, if Nany was with Jordan, I really think she could have won.

So, let’s just assume Nany does come back after taking a couple of seasons off. Will this be her time to win?

Assuming she remains in similar physical shape, I think she could, but only in certain scenarios. She won’t win an individual season, but a partner season or a team season (like War of the Worlds 2) seems possible.

But, there needs to be some changes. If Nany wants to win, she can’t protect everyone. She needs to realize she gets far in the game based on her status, but also because people aren’t too scared of her in a final. So, she needs to vote stronger players into elimination and clear the path for her to be successful.

A hiatus could help separate her from alliances that aren’t looking out for her best interest. She’ll see that once she takes a break from the show, people like Tori, Bananas, or Josh will fill her spot with someone else.

It would also help if she worked on her puzzles and swimming skills, but if she gets a good partner and makes smart moves, she’s really got a good shot at winning. If she stuck with Turbo throughout War of the Worlds, it could have happened. And Nany has gotten much better at making it to the final. So, after three consecutive failed finals, hopefully, she returns with the cutthroat mentality required to win.


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