7 Couples that Should Have Been Ex-Ploded

Tonight will mark the first time The Real World “Ex-Plodes” a cast by bringing in the exes, but there are certainly other couples that would have been interesting to see in a Real World house together. Let’s check out the couples who would have been interested to watch. Montana & Vaj (Boston) Being on The Real World could strain any relationship, hence why Montana and … Continue reading 7 Couples that Should Have Been Ex-Ploded

Challenge 25: Pure Speculation

Alright guys. It looks like the filming of the next challenge isn’t too far away. And with all of the tidbits of information floating around, I think I can start speculating some of the cast. This is NOT a spoiler post. The people mentioned here have indicated that they’ve been contacted about the challenge or taken some steps to prepare for a challenge. I did … Continue reading Challenge 25: Pure Speculation

Worst Early Season Performances

Usually, people come onto a challenge with the intent kicking major ass. Then, they get to the challenges and suck. They get last place or disqualify. They get into elimination rounds early on and fail to redeem themselves. Some people are lucky enough to survive past the first challenge, but others don’t make it to the second episode. Let’s check out people who arrived to … Continue reading Worst Early Season Performances

Rivals 2: Top Moments from the Premier

As I have done for past seasons, rather than giving basic recaps of each episode of Rivals 2 I am going to highlight the top moments in each episode. If you have not seen the episode, I recommend watching it online…or better yet catch a rerun… because my top moments will spoil the episode. For the first episode I’m going to include the top 8 … Continue reading Rivals 2: Top Moments from the Premier