The Challenge

10 Best Feeder Seasons For The Challenge

Which seasons have given us the best crop of Challengers?

Back in the day, The Challenge was made up of Real World and Road Rules cast members. Then we saw Fresh Meat, Are You the One… then the flood gates opened. People started to appear on The Challenge from all over the world.

When we look at some of the biggest Challengers, like Bananas and Paula for example, they come from the same season. This season also gave us people like Tyler, Svetlana, Janelle, and Zach. These are the people Real World Key West fed into the show, and many of them made big splashes.

While this list is somewhat objective, there’s a few things to consider. The number of cast members who did a show, the number of finalists, and the cumulative appearances by these cast members will be considered. Longevity will also be a factor, but it can’t be a single cast member carrying the season. So Real World Paris won’t be mentioned, even though CT has done many seasons and won a bunch. The rest of his cast has made lukewarm impressions on the show.

10. Real World Ex-Plosion

Spies, Lies and Allies had two cast members from this Real World season: Cory and Ashley. These two have been stars on the show for nearly a decade, with Ashley becoming one of the most cutthroat competitors the show has seen. Beyond those two, Jenna made a big splash and Thomas amassed three appearances. While Jenna’s ex Jay only did one season with her, he holds a permanent spot in the Challenge dictionary next to the word “quitter.”

9. Road Rules The Quest

RR10 mission

It’s hard to believe Katie, the replacement, has done the most seasons of The Challenge, but The Quest is responsible for some of the most competitive and dramatic people from the early days of the show. All seven cast members have done a season, and four of them have returned to All Stars. As long as The Challenge continues, this show will have a legacy.

8. Real World Las Vegas (2011)

The original Las Vegas gave us a lot of great competitors, but Las Vegas 2 gave us some mainstays. In 2021, ten years after the season debuted, we saw Nany in two finals and Leroy in one. This season has given us a lot of other memorable appearances from people like Cooke, Mike Mike, and Dustin, all of whom have made a final. Beyond that, we can thank Adam for the memorable quote “don’t call me a guy, Ty!”

7. Fresh Meat 2

Giving us Cara Maria and Laurel, it’s hard to deny the impact of this season. We’ve also gotten some great moments courtesy of Theresa, and there still seems to be potential for this season to give more to The Challenge. So why is it so low? There’s a lot of wasted potential here. Brandon is the only male to have multiple subsequent appearances, and some of the main focuses of Fresh Meat 2 never did a second season.

6. Real World Austin

Wes might be one of the biggest names to ever do The Challenge, but there was a time when this season dominated appearances. Danny did six seasons and lost an elimination on every single one of them. Nehemiah and Johanna did a few, winning The Gauntlet. Melinda did a season every couple of years, and right when we thought we saw the last of them, they reappeared on Battle of the Seasons with Lacey. Now, Nehemiah has become a prominent figure on All Stars and Melinda is finding more success than she ever had on the main series.

5. Are You the One? 3


Though these competitors have only been eligible to compete on ten seasons of The Challenge (so far), they’ve had a staggering number of appearances. Nelson has done eight, Devin and Amanda have done six, Hunter did four and won Final Reckoning, Britni had a run during the “trilogy,” Cheyenne became a finalist during Rivals 3 then became a 20-something “Teen Mom,” and Chuck showed up for a minute for some reason.

4. Road Rules X-treme

RR Xtreme

The legacy of this season is mostly carried by Derrick, but there was a period of time when Jodi, Kina, and Jillian were some of the baddest girls in the game. While the season also gave us a number of one-time appearances, it appears it gave us a number of lifelong competitors. Derrick and Jodi have made a big splash on All Stars.

3. Fresh Meat

The original Fresh Meat dominated The Challenge from 2008-2011. Seven cast members appeared on The Gauntlet 3, with Kenny, Evan, and Evelyn becoming multi-season champions. Eric has an infamous legacy on the show, and Diem is an honored legend who debuted with the season. Of course, these people were bred to be Challengers, and for a while, they were the faces of the franchise.

2. Real World Key West

Johnny Bananas is the first person to win seven seasons of The Challenge and the first person to appear on 20. However, his roommate Paula was the first to appear on 10 seasons. Janelle won a season, Tyler won two, and Svetlana has an epic appearance on The Duel. This season loves The Challenge, and Tyler & Janelle have returned for second runs on All Stars.

1. Road Rules Campus Crawl

Early on the Challenge, Darrell and Rachel were consistently front runners in the competition. Kendal had a season of success, Sarah became the queen of The Gauntlet, and Shane was a familiar face on the show. But this season would continue to rise like a phoenix. Rachel returned for The Island & Duel 2, Darrell did The Ruins & Fresh Meat 2, then Invasion & Dirty Thirty, then Double Agents. Shane had an epic second run from Invasion to Final Reckoning. Now, with All Stars, Darrell and Kendal have become mainstays once again. So long as The Challenge is a thing, this season will never die.


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