Real World Homecoming

Is It Time for a Real World Key West Homecoming?

Could Homecoming season 4 reunite the Key West cast?

Recently, we’ve seen some posts on social media hinting at a Real World Austin Homecoming season. According to PinkRose on Vevmo, that is only one of the options. Production is also looking into Key West.

It appears Johanna and Svetlana are the major hold-outs. I still think Johanna is more likely to appear than Svetlana, but that’s just speculation. Johanna does seem friendly with most of her former roommates, and she even seems to wish Wes well and respect the fact that they’ve both moved past their relationship.

Despite this, Key West would probably be the more explosive season. Many of the Austin cast members have great relationships to this day. Even the exes are friendly with each other. With the Key West cast, it seems some have lingering rivalries. Many people have ignored the show and tried to put their experience in the rearview.

One aspect of Homecoming seasons is the flashbacks. There aren’t too many controversial clips from Austin. Yes, Danny got punched the first night and his mother passed away, but this won’t divide the cast. On the flipside, Key West has challenging moments to relive. The season addressed issues like homophobia, eating disorders, body issues, and privilege. These conversations could bring drama to the reunion.

I’d rather see the Key West cast reunite, but the show could not go on without Svetlana. If Johanna was absent on an Austin homecoming, she’d certainly be missed, but production could still make a good show. I also have a hard time believing Johanna wouldn’t be willing to call into the show (at a minimum). If Svetlana isn’t there, it’s because she’s avoiding the camera.

Regardless, this gives us an idea of production’s intentions for Homecoming. We might be getting more recent seasons, but production wants complete casts over seasons with major pieces missing.


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