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10 Biggest Fights

It looks like we’re preparing ourselves for a fight between Brian and Cory on next week’s Real World. While this fight may not be the biggest one we’ve ever seen, it will likely draw comparisons to fight seen on previous seasons of Real World, Road Rules, and The Challenge. Let’s check out some of the biggest, and most memorable fights from the franchise’s history.

10. Stephen Slaps Irene (Real World Seattle)


Irene and Stephen started off friends during the Seattle season of The Real World, but that quickly went out the window by the time Irene chose to leave The Real World house. Irene decided she wanted to leave Stephen with some parting words, telling him “,a marriage between you and I would never work out, you know that, because you’re a homosexual Stephen.” This angered Stephen, who was actually closeted at the time. He first sought revenge by throwing Irene’s stuffed dog into the water. Then, as Irene’s taxi was pulling away, Stephen stopped the car and slapped her across the face.

9. Adam Punches Ty (The Challenge: Rivals)

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 9.54.33 AM.jpg

Ty loves to start fights. Adam is known as a loose cannon. When the two got together, tensions quickly arose. Ty began tossing insults at every person he saw and Adam quickly became irritated. To address his irritation, Adam wanted to fight Ty but too many people wanted to prevent the fight by holding Adam back. Eventually, Adam tried to break free of his restraints and punched Ty in the face. He barely hit Ty, but did manage to knock over Mandi and make her hit her head.

8. Tonya Hits Veronica (The Challenge: The Ruins)


When it comes to Challenges, The Ruins was a huge ball of crazy. This was especially try for Tonya and Veronica, who were to rehash drama from The Inferno 2, a Challenge they did together five years ago. This time, Tonya decided she wanted to stand up for herself and she finally hit Veronica. However, there was little satisfaction in the fight because Tonya was sent home from The Challenge.

7. Abram Punches Adam (Road Rules Viewer’s Revenge)

On Road Rules Viewer’s Revenge, Adam had a plan to make sure nominations into The Pit were as “fair” as possible. Abram didn’t like this plan, and was not afraid to voice his opinion. Adam did not appreciate Abram’s frustrations and encouraged Abram to “just go home” if he wasn’t going to work with his fellow Roadies. So Abe got his ticket home by punch Adam multiple times.

6. Tina Punches Beth (The Challenge: The Duel)


Tina showed up to The Duel with a plan, and it was not to win $150,000. After the second mission, Tina got fed up with Beth’s antics and pleas for camera-time. She rammed Beth “like a football player,” and Beth confronted Tina. Finally, Tina threatened Beth with a punch. All Beth had to say was “do it” and Tina’s fist flew into her face.

5. Gladys Punches Abe (Road Rules Latin America)

Somehow, this fight was over Susie from Road Rules Australia. Abe was becoming friendly with Susie, and this pissed off Gladys. She confronted Abe, and Abe called her a psychotic bitch. I guess “bitch” was the word that set Gladys off, and after Abe said it a second time Gladys pummeled him with fists.

4. Abram Punches Donnell  (Road Rules South Pacific)

Anyone who watched Road Rules South Pacific got fed up with Donnell’s teasing REALLY quickly. That didn’t stop Donnell from continuing to pick on Abram. Despite Abram’s attempts to be the bigger person, Donnell was relentless. In the end, Abram beat up Donnell, and I can’t say I was disappointed.

3. Darrell Punches Brad (The Challenge: The Ruins)


99% of the time Darrell is the calmest guy in the house, but when a drunken Brad provoked him to fight, Darrell could only listen for so long. Darrell has won 4 Challenges and is a boxer, when he says he can fuck you up, you probably shouldn’t ask him to prove it. Brad asked, and he received. Not only did he have the worst black eye in Challenge history, but both Brad and Darrell were sent packing.

2. Nia Takes on Johnny and Averey (Real World Portland)


The fight started with some dog shit that Nia didn’t clean up. When the argument was brought up the next morning, Johnny got frustrated and tossed his used tissue and a drink on Nia. Then Nia tossed about 50 fists on the back of Johnny’s head. The fight didn’t stop there, Nia was prepared to beak Johnny with a blow dryer.

Knowing Johnny wouldn’t fight a girl, Averey stepped in and took on Nia. Their battle lasted multiple rounds, all while production refused to step in. Jordan and Marlon tried to stop the fight, but nothing worked. Eventually, Johnny and Averey had to leave the house because Nia didn’t even get kicked out.

1. CT Tries to Murder Adam (The Challenge: The Duel 2)


CT’s a beast. Don’t believe me? Just ask Adam. After an argument about Adam’s loyalty to Diem, CT punched Adam in the fact. Production and the cast tried to seperate CT and Adam, but nothing worked. CT was willing to plow through people, beds, and walls to get to Adam. When the finally met in the parking lot, no one could stop CT from fighting Adam. Both men were sent home from The Duel 2 with bruised faces and egos.





    1. You’re probably right. But let’s be honest, Stephen’s moment is more memorable and shocking because it was a male hitting a female. Plus, I felt that Brian + Jenny and Hailey + Thomas had drama that stemmed from outside of The Real World, while Stephen + Irene’s drama was completely homegrown.

  1. You have to indicate that Abe and Abram are two different people. Abe had his ass-whumping coming, especially when he repeatedly called Gladys “bitch” so many times, I thought he was doing it to the Meow Mix song. And Abram might be a psycho loser, but his “victims” totally had it coming. Who wouldn’t want to mess up Adam? Or Donell?

  2. Corrections:
    “The fight started with some dog shit that Nia didn’t clean up. ” -It was shit Averey and Johnny didn’t clean up.

    “Eventually, Johnny and Averey had to leave the house” -They chose to leave the house.

  3. The Darrell-Brad fight is now the main reason why Darrell lost the record for most seasons won because he would’ve won The Ruins and have win #5 if it wasn’t for this fight.

    1. That fight was classic. Brad got in over his head. After they saw D whipping B. Kenny and crew ran over to stop it. Brad was torn up in seconds.

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