Is Another Fresh Meat Coming?

If you watched War of the Worlds 2 during its original run, you might remember commercials advertising Challenge-sponsored Spartan Races and a “chance to appear on a future season of The Challenge.” We know this has no impact on season 35, but does it mean anything for season 36? A bunch of Challengers showed up to sponsor the events. We had Tony & Jemmye, Brad … Continue reading Is Another Fresh Meat Coming?

Will We Ever Need a Fresh Meat 3?

Now that the presence of Are You The One? kids on The Challenge is all but official, it’s time to start embracing this new crop of Challengers. Even though there are allegedly only 4 on the upcoming 26th  Challenge, opening this door brings the potential of 20 new players to The Challenge. Taking a walk down memory lane, 2006 introduced us to Fresh Meat 1. … Continue reading Will We Ever Need a Fresh Meat 3?

Best Format for Challenge 25

I don’t think it will be too long until we start to officially know cast members for the upcoming challenge, but it may be a while until we know the format of the challenge. Before anything is announced, I’d like to highlight some of the positives and negatives of each possible challenge format. Battle of the Exes 2 The first Exes season was a successful … Continue reading Best Format for Challenge 25