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30 Most Forgettable Real Worlders

In a little over a week we will be watching the premier of the 30th Real World season. It’s hard to believe the show has come so far, and it has provided plenty of memorable moments. At the same time, there have been many roommates you have probably forgotten. Here are 30 of those people who you are unlikely to remember.

Sidenote, this list only accounts for memorability on The Real World. Challenge appearances are not factored in.

30. Scott Real World Brooklyn

30scottLoved to work out. Gave Katelynn $1,500 so she could continue in the Real World house then yelled at her for being too messy.

29. Kaia Real World Hawaii

30kaiaEmo chick who went to a Janet Jackson concert with a stranger.

28. Irene Real World Los Angeles

30irene2Knew she was going to get married in the middle of filming The Real World. Came on the show anyways, then left.

27. Sarah Real World Hollywood

30sarahhollywoodHad her panties stolen. Her feminist boyfriend got mad too.

26. Rachel Real World Back to New York

30rachelUsed a pole on a NYC subway as a stripper pole but was too punk rock to remove clothing all season.

25. Mike Real World London

30mikeDidn’t like London’s culture but loved NASCAR.

24. Christina Real World Paris

30christinaDidn’t get along with CT for most of the Paris season, which is all the matters if you were on the Paris season.

23. Ashley C. Real World Ex-Plosion

30ashleycReally pretty but rarely talking.

22. Sarah Real World Miami

30sarahLiked to skate so she filled the house with pre-teen skaters one afternoon.

21. Erika Real World D.C.

30erikaLiked to sing and complain, so she left The Real World to sing and complain.

20. Joi Real World Portland

30joiMore people wanted to talk to her butt than her face.

19. Joe Real World Miami

30joeKnown for having a girlfriend who is taller than him. And chewing gum… lots of gum.

18. Nick Real World Hollywood

30nickReplaced one of the most memorable people from the season. Odds of being remembered were low.

17. Cory Real World San Francisco

30coryWas kind of nervous because Pedro had AIDS but then wasn’t.

16. Sahar Real World New Orleans

30saharPeople nicknamed her Hollywood because she could sing. The Real World isn’t a singing show though.

15. Zach Real World Key West

30zachHad a cool Jew-fro.

14. Beth A. Real World Los Angeles

30bethA nice, quiet lesbian. She was destined to get overshadowed by the other Beth.

13. Kevin Real World Back to New York

30kevinApparently he had cancer prior to being on the show. MTV likes to use this as his only fun fact.

12. Priscilla Real World San Diego

30priscillaWas under 21 and production decided to stop letting cast members use fake IDs. So she spent every night at home.

11. Melanie Real World Philadelphia

30melanieBest known for bringing scabies into the house.

10. Andre Real World New York

30andreApparently, the original Real World format was 3 girls and 3 boys, but production upped the total to seven cast members so Andre could be on the show. Then they never gave him camera time.

9. Mohammed Real World San Francisco

30mohammedLiked spoken word or something like that, but we never got to hear it.

8. Baya Real World Brooklyn

30bayaLiked to dance, so when she was presented with the opportunity to join a dance class she declined.

7. Rebecca Real World Seattle

30rebeccaReally white, but sang a song with Sir-Mix-A-Lot. I guess that explains why he’s a one hit wonder.

6. Charlie Real World San Diego

30charlieOnly was in like 4 episodes and only auditioned for The Real World so he could meet Britney Spears. In his defense, 70% of footage containing him was confiscated by police.

5. Josh Real World D.C.

30joshWas a singer who couldn’t sing and in a committed relation but couldn’t commit.

4. Jay Real World London

30jayWas into theatre. Viewers weren’t.

3. Glen Real World Los Angeles

30glennHe’s the first ever Real World replacement and demonstrated why we don’t always need replacements.

2. Lacey Real World Austin

30lacyOne time her boyfriend mailed her ice cream. It melted.

1. Matt Real World Hawaii



  1. I feel like Nick, Zach and Lacy are a little more memorable because they’ve made Challenge appearances. If any others have then I reallyyy don’t remember them ha!

    1. I tried to dissociate Challenges from the criteria. However, production obviously wants the most interesting RW castmembers on the Challenge so most of these people never did a Challenge. Plus a good number are older.

  2. Matt? He had a raging crush on Ruthie, leading to him dropping a dime to her about her intervention. He also never blinked and wore the same terrycloth shirt.

    Lacey was the only sane person in the Austin house. Her boyfriend was in a wheelchair. How do you forget about her?

    Sarah Becker? Are you kidding me?!? How do you forget about Miami’s resident tomboy and comic book editor? I once ran a tournament of RW cast remembers, and she made it to the final.

    1. Agreed that Sarah Becker was pretty awesome! Of course Dan is the most memorable from Miami but Sarah was great!

      I also felt like Andre got some attention on the show because of his band. And the episode where we he found the ugly / cute dog haha.

    2. Hey Jason, thanks for reading.

      I haven’t seen RW Hawaii in about a decade, but I couldn’t remember a thing about Matt. Now that you mention it I kind of remember him, but he never made a lasting impression in my opinion.

      Lacey is a really great person with a sense of humor that never got shown. She’s just not the type of person that will get camera time on The Real World, and that is why she’s on the list. Add in the fact that other cast members are among the most memorable in RW history.

      Sarah was another good person, but not dramatic enough to get camera time. Likeability doesn’t always translate to memorability.

      Keep in mind, this list was made by me and only me and was made for fun. Everyone remember shows differently so your favorite RWer may have faded into the background of my memory.

    3. Jason I agree about Sarah from Miami. How could she be forgettable? She was always on and was a lot of fun. Plus she and Flora listened to, and tried to watch Mike, Melissa and the server have a three some.

  3. Brynn was forgettable, Melanie was the center of most drama. The other guy that wasnt Kyle or Theo on RW Chicago was forgettable.

    1. Brynn will always be remembered for her fork throwing antics! And when I was making this list, I drafted every ‘forgettable’ Real Worlder who crossed my mind. Chris from Chicago made that draft, but I ultimately didn’t include him

  4. I would say Ashley C. was the most forgettable because the only time you really saw her was when she was with Arielle and I also heard 50% of the time she was at work. Second would be Joi because everyone only talked about her because of her past.

  5. Sarah from Hollywood, Christena, Erika, and Melanie were all essential to their seasons though and in the center of drama. Had they done challenges they would have been more remembered.

  6. Where is Ashlee/Eric from new orleans 2? They never had a single storyline…Now That I think about it, New olenas 2010 have 3 of the most forgettable ppl.

  7. Im surprised that Alex from Back to San Diego is not on this list. The only moment I remember of her was when Frank tried to hit on her. I have no clue as to why they casted her. She seemed to have a normal life with no problems in it.

  8. I think any Real World-er past San Diego (2004) cast should be on the list because it sucked after that. It was no longer personalities and career focused individuals but just good looking “hair models” wanting to party 24/7. Okay that includes San Diego but they were memorable to me.

    Since I don’t know half the people on this list because I stopped watching a decade ago, I do agree about Andre, Irene, Mohammed, Beth A, Glenn, Jay, Charlie and Matt. Like someone else said, Malik from Back to NY should be on. I thought Sarah and Joe from Miami were memorable. Cory from SF was memorable but only because she cried all the time lol.

    Oh and Charlie from SF should have been a porn star! There was an episode where the night vision camera showed him in his underwear with an erection and my boy was packing some serious stuff lol.

  9. it must be because i am a superfan of this show.But there is only one person on here who i don’t remember,i remember everyine else and actually think the seasons were better because of some of these people

  10. Jo from San Francisco should be on this list. The cast chose her over Mark that would go on to Road Rules? Good for Mark but bad for all of the SF cast besides her bestie, Rachel

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