The Ruins

Throwback: Should The Ruins Have Ever Happened?

There’s a lot to be said about The Ruins, and it will likely go down in Challenge history as the most infamous season. While there are a lot of reason to question this season, the one thing I want to focus on is the theme.

The Champions won. Who’s surprised? What else would have happened if you selectively place a bunch of proven winners against a team of rookies and repeated losers.


Some of the Challengers were good. Brad is a pretty solid competitor. Cohutta proved to be an underdog with potential. Sarah, Kellyanne, and Kimberly outshined a few of the Champion girls. Still, this team was no match for people like Kenny, Darrell, Johnny Bananas and Susie. Ultimately the Champions only lost on challenge in the entire season.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. It almost seems like the season was designed for one team to lose because the prize money was put into an individual’s bank rather than a team bank. Then, when someone won a Ruins they would assume the loser’s bank account. People like Sarah & Cohutta accumulated decent amounts of money by defeating opponents in eliminations rather than winning challenge.

Still, it seems like the Challenger team was poorly stacked. With people like Casey, Nick, Danny J., and Shauvon on the team they couldn’t have possibly been expected to go far. Production missed the opportunity to cast people like CT, Aneesa, Scott from Brooklyn, Ruthie, or Paula. Those people would have added to the team’s potential.

Ultimately this season was very heavy in drama and under performing in competitions. So, should this format have ever happened?


  1. I feel like this season was one of those “It looked good on paper but when we tried it, it sucked” type things.

  2. The ruins was without of doubt rigged for the champions. Putting Casey and shauvon on the same team some what proves that. It’s funny how if at least Casey and shauvon were not on the challengers team they would of won the first four challenges.

  3. The only except able challengers team would of been CT, Brad, Dunbar, Scott, Joey, Cohutta, and probably Danny and for the girls Kellyanne, Sarah, Diem, Kim, Brianna, Ruthie, and Tina. Paula and Jenn needed the break from the challengers. This team would of been way better and have more drama and better in ratings.

  4. Ruins was good stuff, but lost a little steam once Wes went home. The drama, missions, and elimination rounds were all good, but this season lacked a killer challenger team. Imagine if the challenger team was composed with these players…
    Guys: CT Brad Dunbar Cohutta Joey Scott Ryan
    Girls: Ruthie Anessa Robin KellyAnne Kim Brianna Sarah

  5. This season was horrible and should’ve never happend. The Drama was angering and sad to watch. The cast seemed miserable half the time and in addition to that the whole Tonya situation. It’s just a very bad and ugly season and a HUGE shit stain on this franchise IMO.

  6. I don’t think the team should be able to decide who goes in, because then if you’re not in the alliance you’re screwed.

  7. While drama was good the competition was super lacking except in the final, and if Evelyn hadn’t thrown her elimination round there would be no challengers left

  8. In a earlier post, you did say CT was consider but others threaten to leave after what happened in Duel 2.

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