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10 Teams Who Underwhelmed

This week, we saw Jamie and Kellyanne earn last place in the Road to Nowhere challenge. This poor performance was not an outlier, as these two have been doing poorly for the bulk of this season. Perhaps their Jungle win will turn thing around, but right not they are not meeting expectations. They’re not the only team to underwhelm. Here’s a list of teams, in no order, whose performances were less than expected.

Theo & Chanda (Fresh Meat)


When two-time Challenge champ Theo got on of the good picks during the Fresh Meat draft, he seemed like a sure-thing to go far on Fresh Meat. Instead, her and Chanda fell somewhere in the middle and when they were sent into Exile, they lost to Tina and Kenny. This was not the best way for Theo to end his Challenge career.

2. Darrell & Cara Maria (Fresh Meat 2)


In hindsight, we know Cara Maria is better than her last place finish on Fresh Meat 2. Even without knowing Cara Maria’s ability, Darrell had the first pick during the season and a stellar track-record. When these two were sent into the first Exile they seemed like a sure win. Instead, they lost to Jillian and Pete, and Darrell has yet to return to The Challenge.

3. Theresa & Camila (Rivals)


Camila had an impressive start on Cutthroat, and Theresa performed well on both Fresh Meat and Cutthroat. When the two were paired together they screamed a lot, relied on unconventional melons to win The Jungle, and didn’t even make it half way.

4. Kenny & Wes (Rivals)


Luckily they had allies. Kenny gave his worst performance at the beginning of Rival, landing him and his partner Wes in the first two Jungles. Their luck started to turn around until the final until Wes fell victim of cramping and had to have Kenny carry him during the final.

5. Abram & Cara Maria (Battle of the Exes)


By this point in her Challenge career, Cara Maria had seen two finals. Abe had been to four and won two. Despite all of this, these two spent most of their time fighting and giving a mediocre performance. These two didn’t even make it half way through the season and only got into The Dome because they came in last place during the Don’t Rock the Boat challenge.

6. Aneesa & Diem (Rivals 2)

MTV+Challenge+Rivals+II+Final+Episode+Reunion+PoGRKMAHJx3lWhen distance-runner Diem was paired with elimination-queen Aneesa, it seemed like a good chance for the two of them to sang a win. Instead, the two of them underperformed and bickered. When they lost the final challenge before the final, they got sent in The Jungle against their team-of-choice and still lost, not even making it to the final.

7. Dustin & Jessica (Battle of the Exes 2)


After Dustin made it to the finals on Battle of the Seasons and Jessica lasted longer than expected on Free Agents, many fans saw promise in this pairing. In this team. Instead, they got sent into the first Dome and lost to a newbie team, officially becoming the first people to lost to an Are You the One? team.

8. Zach & Jonna (Battle of the Exes 2)


Despite being one of the best teams on paper, they two could not put their drama behind get their act together. Zach demand to lead the team while Jonna demanded to be treated as an equal. Neither got what they wanted, and both failed as soon as they got into a Dome.

9. Cohutta & Jill (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Cohutta has become a fan favorite for being an underdog in these games. Even though he had at a major disadvantage being on a co-ed team on Battle of the Bloodlines, he should have been able to beat dad-bod-Tom in the Pit and was sent home second.

10. Jamie & Kellyanne (Rivals 3)


This takes us back to Jamie and Kellyanne, who have underperformed on almost ever Challenge this season. Kellyanne, who has seen the finals and won multiple eliminations and Jamie, who won last season, should have been a major threat this season. Instead, they’re struggling to say around. Unless their luck turns around, it looks like we won’t be seeing them much longer.

What other teams disappointed you?


  1. Jamie and Kellyanne are still there so I wouldn’t pull them their yet and Wes and Kenny did make it to the finals so I wouldn’t put them on the list.

    1. OK now I agree with Jamie and Kellyanne though Jamie was so close of beating Wes (I know close but no cigar).

  2. Evan and Nehemiah on rivals looked like one of the better teams but because of Evan being out of shape and not having his head in the game caused them to lose. also it would of been interesting to see how rivals 2 would of played through if zach did not screw up the elimination since they won two missions.

    1. Personally I think Zach there got kicked off for hitting Frank with the helmet (that was a heck of a throw I admit) and the producers used the DQ as an excuse.

  3. Theresa and Camila didn’t underperform, they just lost to Laurel like everybody else. In the daily challenges they placed 4th, 2nd and 2nd and the reason they were thrown in the Jungle was because Paula saw a threat in them.

  4. I have to give Cohutta a pass on his jungle. Similar to the case when Tyler beat Derrick in cuthroat and when Timmy beat Derrick in the gauntlet. Sometimes the weight disadvantage just can’t be made up regardless of how hard you try. I’m 5’7 and in the best shape of my life I weighed 150 which was perfect for my bmi. With that said, it’d be near impossible for me to push someone back who had almost 35-40% more weight behind them.

  5. I don’t know if Jonna and Zach were a team that underwhelmed… I mean, sure, they’re both good competitors, but they probably had more bad blood than any team on Exes 2, so it’s not that surprising they didn’t work well together. And on top of that, they didn’t do horribly–they were only a few rounds out of the final.

  6. I’m on the fence with Theo and Chanda. Even though they BLEW their exile, they were one of the top consistent teams that season. If thats the case, we can say that the vets on gauntlet 3 underwhelmed.

    1. The vets could of clean sweep the challenges except the last one if they did not throw them. It was smart to get rid of some weak players but they chose the wrong ones to get rid of. They wanted Casey to stay and wanted to get rid of coral their best female at the time.

  7. Not saying they should have been on the list, but Sarah & Vinny in Fresh Meat 2 definitely stands out to me when they lost in Exile during week 2. Granted they lost to Kenny and Laurel, but still huge underwhelming performance going home that early. Perfect combo of brains and brawn. This was Vinny’s lone season where he was in peak condition and Sarah is always a solid competitor.

  8. Wes and Nany in Rivals 3 definitely are underwhelming, prior to the season I expected them to be a strong team. But they have underperformed every time and have shown to be a pathetic team.

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