Rivals 3

Can Tony & Camila Get their Act Together?

When it comes to dysfunctional teams this season, one team stands out. While they may not have had the most traumatic past, Tony and Camila have been causing quite the splash this season.


In the challenges, they’ve been a team to watch out for. While they’ve yet to win a challenge, they’ve never done poorly. If there’s one good thing Camila is known for, it’s her fearlessness and willingness to face the challenges head on. Tony is no slouch either. Physically, he’s built to do will. In the challenges, he has a “compete now think later” attitude which has allowed him to overcome many difficult tasks.

Clearly, their problem is not on the field. Their problem is getting along with each other. Tony expressed his frustrations with Camila last week when he said she isn’t fully invested being teammates and asked for more support. Camila thinks he’s being a pansy, and she doesn’t feel he needs all the encouragement he’s asking for.

Beyond their gameplay issues, they’ve both hot heads. While Tony has been pretty tame compared to last season, it’s only a matter of time before he explodes. And when he explodes, no one is safe. On the other had, we’ve seen multiple Camila meltdowns. She freaked out on Nany and Nicole due to their alleged alliance, she freaked out when she was told she was going into The Jungle, and now that her grandmother passed she is especially emotional.

Now that the weaker teams are going home and the game is finally picking up, can they put their issues aside? Or will their difference lead to their demise?


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