Challenge: Invasion

Challenge 29: Official Cast

Today is the day! Looks like a new crock of Challengers are heading to film the next season of The Challenge. As the cast approaches the airport, we are starting to receive confirmation of the contenders for the upcoming Challenge season.

Keep in mind, this is all subject to change. People have made it all the way to the airport only to drop out. We’ve even seen people fly to foreign countries only to leave before the competition.

Shout out to Vevmo for their support in finding the cast.

Without further ado, this is most likely the cast of Challenge 29. If you don’t want this spoiled, turn back now.

Location: Thailand

Theme: Free Agents…. with a twist.We know that the champions (Bananas, Cara Maria, Zach, Ashley, etc…) about a week later than the rest of the cast.


Anthony Bartolotte (Are You the One? 2)


Bruno Bettencourt (Real World Skeletons)


Cory Wharton (Real World: Ex-Plosion)


CT Tamburello (Real World Paris)


Dario Medrano (Are You the One? 2)


Darrell Taylor (Road Rules Campus Crawl)darrellruins

Hunter Barfield (Are You the One? 3)


Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio (Real World Key West)

Nelson Thomas (Are You the One? 3)


Shane Landrum (Road Rules Campus Crawl)


Theo Bradley (Real World Bad Blood)


Tony Raines (Real World Skeletons)


Zach Nichols (Real World San Diego)



Amanda Garcia (Are You the One? 3)


Anika Rashaun (Real World Bad Blood)


Ashley Kelsey (Real World San Diego)


Ashley Mitchell (Real World Ex-Plosion)


Camila Nakagawa (whichever season MTV wants to claim she was on)


Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat 2)


Jenna Compono (Real World Ex-Plosion)


Kailah Casillas (Real World Go Big or Go Home)

LaToya Jackson (Real World St. Thomas)


Laurel Stucky (Fresh Meat 2)


Marie Roda (Real World St. Thomas)


Nicole Zanatta (Real World Skeletons)


Sylvia Elsrode (Real World Skeletons)



  1. Darrell and Derrick confirmed. Im sure now its ruins 2 or a variation of ruins. Maybe same sex teams of 1 champion and 1 challenger all competing amongst eachother.

  2. It’d be ABSOLUTELY hilar if it was Island 2 because it’s notoriously the least liked theme and Bunim-Murray literally does not care LOL

  3. So far I’m not impressed with the confirmed cast. It will come down to Cara&Jenna, With the guys the only question is can Bananas keep from being eliminated, if yes he will win. If no Zack will win. The guys are a better group than the girls, Cory, Dario and Derrick will give zack and bananas a run for their money. Hopefully there are more veterans that will be confirmed. Otherwise this season will be a snooze fest.

    1. Your a person that cannot be pleased and thats ok. Because this cast is way better than the cast weve had for the past 3 season. i believe the last good cast thats compartivel to this is free agents

    2. The thing about that is you gotta look at the past Aliances Dario bananas were aliances last season and bananas and derrick are to and so I Darrel !!

    3. derrick may be rusty but I think he’ll do more than give Bananas a run for his money. I think he’s going to take all the money if they don’t get him out early.

      1. Remember Derrick is the forgotten 4th member of the JEK Dynasty I doubt he’s going to abandon the man who he won 2 of his titles with

    4. You seem to be forgetting about CT and Laurel. I’m a Cara fun until the end but laurel is a force to be reckoned with and CT is a powerhouse. Zack is a joke with a hot head and no conditioning so doesn’t last long term. He will never win a final. Ever.

      1. I have to be That Guy . . . Zach was on the winning San Diego team on Battle Of The Seasons. And he’s good at berating people. Gotta give him that.

  4. Ok am I missing something because only 5 people come up for me when the page loads?

    Bruno, Cara, Tony, Ashley & Kaila

    According to Twitter Derrick is coming back & Jem tweeted good luck to Marie.

    Also isn’t Tony’s gf SUPER pregnant?! God he’s such a skeezy fuck.

  5. Im glad we finally have more than one or two black people on the challenge. They are not very diverse when casting for challenges so im glad to see a change

    1. sadly, that isn’t gonna happen. it’ll be another johnny bananas circle jerk, as per usual. the only guy with half a brain is Derrick. hopefully he realizes that the only way for him to win is to take bananas out, but unfortunately I’m sure he will ride bananas coattails and hope for second or third.

  6. It looks like there are 3 former Champs for men and women. Are they possibly captaina in a cutthroat style format

  7. We all know Bananas always has an alliance every season so here is who I came up with out of what we know Banana’s Alliance: Bananas, Derrick K, Tony, Zach (maybe Cory, Dario), Camila, Jenna, (maybe Ashley K, Ashley M, and Marie) What do you guys think?

  8. Did we officially rule out Free Agents 2? Because a lot of the people in this cast were cast in Free Agents such as Emilee, LaToya, Zach, Cara Maria… and I know the producers usually like to bring back players who have played the same format in past seasons.

  9. No AYTO 4 people? And was really hoping to see Devin comeback he’s the only guy I’ve cared to see come off AYTO to do a challenge plus he’s hilarious

  10. Cara Maria hasn’t posted anything on Instagram in weeks so I would guess that she is for sure on the cast. Camilla is active and says she is done with the challenge chapter of her life so I would say no to her. Jenna hasn’t posted since Oct 1 so she is probably a for sure. Bananas is posting every other day so I say he sat this one out to enjoy his stolen Sarah money. Zach’s last post was Oct 1 as well so maybe we’ll get to see that Jenna/ Zach showdown after all!!! I hope most of the fluffers for the cast are false and they bring back some true grit cause this show is taking a dive. Remove the drama and fluff and these AYTO cast and make this about challenges. If they need new cast members, they hold auditions for people who deserve to be on here!!

    1. Totally with you. Do another Fresh Meat if you need to, but get some folks in here that can actually hack it. Also, Cara has thwarted Bananas before. All I want is for him to get to the end and then get booted off. He’s a cretin.

    2. Camila never stated she was done with the show for life, the post was about her being done with Rivals 3 and moving on. Anyway, Larissa is doing all the posting for her.

  11. No one seems to know the theme, but the pairs being eliminated have nothing in common, so I think it’s free agents 2

  12. Soo 25 castmembers have been revealed (CT & Laurel are on this season) and I hope the 13th girl isn’t Amanda as speculated but some old school suprise…

    1. CT and Laurel are back? What is your source? Right now, I’m using SBP as my primary source, typos and all. I would be disappointed if CT came out of retirement, because I feel he was in a good place outside the show. Also, if he gets thrown off, he would break his tie with Abram in expulsions. Nobody should outdo the Bozo from Bozeman in that department.

  13. Just going off of twitter, I would guess Derrick is not going to be there because he’s been tweeting about the Cubs all night.

    Laurel has been tweeting off and on, but nothing specific so they could have been scheduled tweets.

    I was hoping for some more vet ladies, but this cast looks pretty good. I’ll take any cast with CT in it.

  14. Cast looks the best in years, it sucks though that those you are the one chump stains ruin the whole thing though. i heard a rumor those nobodies are getting a spinoff so why do we still have to see them on the challenge if there supposely getting there own show?

      1. so if its legit why are five members from AYTO on this upcoming challenge? the majority of viewers dont like there inclusion

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