Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Winners from the Reunion

This week, we saw the Challenge: Invasion Reunion air. Like most reunions, we only saw things we already knew about. So rather than recap a recap show, I’m going to declare winners from the main beefs we saw on the show.

Here’s our host, Mike “The Miz” Mizanian:

Match #1: Cara Maria vs. Laurel & Nicole

Nicole shows up late to the reunion, but Laurel reveals that the two have been dating since the end of the show. Things are great between the two of them, but Laurel reveals that she and Cara Maria are no longer speaking. Cara Maria states that Laurel told everyone but her about her romance with Nicole, and once Laurel started dating Nicole she was left in the dark. Laurel feels everyone knew she was interested in Nicole and that Cara Maria is being shady and manipulative, that is why they haven’t spoken.

The Winner: Laurel. Nicole reveals that Cara Maria “slid into her DMs” after Invasion. Cara Maria didn’t deny this, but she only wanted to know the status of Laurel the Nicole’s relationship. This is when Laurel calls out Cara Maria and exemplifies her shadiness. Laurel and Nicole are doing well, and Laurel has grown a lot since appearing on this season.

Match #2: Cory vs. Kailah

Essentially, Kailah feels like she was played by Cory. Even though Cory called her after the show and confessed to hooking up with Camila, Kailah feels like Cory was hiding information from her. The rest of the cast wonder what Kailah expected getting involved with Cory, but Kailah feels she got burned by the whole situation.

The Winner: Kailah. You really need to wonder why Kailah, who is familiar with the Challenge, would expect commitment from Cory. Regardless, she was upfront and vulnerable and you have to feel a little bad for her. It’s not like she hasn’t moved on, but for a while she thought she stood a chance with Cory while Cory was just boinking Camila.

Match #3: Jenna vs. Zach, gossip, Bruno, & Bruno’s fingers.

Finally! Jenna admits she did make out with Bruno on the plane to Thailand, but she still denies being “finger blasted” by him. She also says she dated Zach for a month or two after the show, but they ended things. She admits that she still has some feelings, but she’s starting to realize she deserves better.

The Winner: Jenna. If she’s moving on from Zach, she’s the winner here. If she gets back with Zach, then I’d called Bruno the real winner for being talked about all season despite only appearing on one episode.

Match #4: Amanda vs. Camila

After showing clips of the Camilinator, Amanda feels that Camila just puts on a show for the camera. Then, Amanda talks about the chip prank. She states that Laurel may have thought the chips in the bed prank was just a joke, even though she doesn’t find it funny, but Camila couldn’t have possibly thought Amanda would find this joke funny. They had beef on Rivals 3, so messing with her is just a continuation of preexisting drama. Camila just brushes Amanda off and questions why Amanda wastes so much time talking about her. Then Camila shakes her ass on stage, does a dance where she gives Amanda the middle finger, and gets in Amanda’s face. Amanda flicks her face, and Camila acts like’s she’s been assaulted.

The Winner: Amanda. Aside from winning a year’s supply of Burger King, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Amanda experience joy. As petty as she can be, Amanda at least articulated her point and it made some sense. She never denies her involvement in this drama nor does she deny talking about Camila on Twitter. Camila really did look dumb dancing on stage, and whether or not Camila talks about Amanda online, Camila’s life revolves around these shows. She’s in no position to criticize Amanda for continuing their beef.

Match #5: Cory vs. Nelson

Once again, we’re talking about Nelson screwing Cory over in the final elimination. Apparently they made a deal to work together, and Nelson looked out for himself over Cory. Nelson tries to state that he kept his word and worked with Cory all season, citing the first mission as an example. Cory resorts to the fact that he could beat Nelson’s ass any time, and they act like they’re going to fight knowing good and well that production was going to step in.

The Winner: Cory. Nelson does everything but take responsibility for screwing Cory over. Nelson should be looking out for himself in the game and he should own the move because it advanced his game rather than trying to use the first mission as an example of their alliance.

Also on the reunion: Ashley talks about eating at the Cracker Barrel and she admits to hooking up with Nelson, not that anyone asked or cared. Hunter got mad at Nelson because Nelson was his “boy.” Speaking of boys, did you know CT was a father?

Then there were some awards that went to the least deserving nominee in each category.

And that’s the end of The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions.


  1. I dont see any of the Laurel growing. She sounded like a child and she is only with Nicole by default. She is just mad that Nicole wanted Cara Maria first but Cara didnt want her. In regards to the whole DM thing, so what if Cara did contact Nicole? Was she not supposed to? They cant be friends?

    1. Her “growing” is mostly a reference to her being willing to explore her sexuality and open up to others.

      I suppose Cara Maria is allowed to be friends with Nicole, but “sliding into DMs” usually implies more than just friendly conversation. I don’t really know what was said to Nicole via DMs, and I guess we’ll never know.

  2. Agree except I think Laurel was the loser here for trying to justify Nicole being a “fuckboy” and going after her friend instead.

  3. Camilla sense of entitlement has gone to her head and is a total cringe to watch each season. For someone who owns a business she should be seen as a respectful/intelligent person but no we get this.

  4. Laurel looked like a crazy girlfriend blocking Cara from Nicole’s phones wtffff Winner: Cara
    Cory flop Wharton​ Winner: Kailah
    Camila looking stupid as usual Winner: Amanda
    Zachary is a fucking dumbass smh Winner: Jenna
    Cory is salty that he is a flop Winner: Nelson

    K thnks bye

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