Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

How Did Tony Become One of the Vets?

This week we saw Tony do a lot of things: make out with Camila, talk on the phone, and somehow win the trivia challenge.

The first two things are not surprises. We know Tony can get drunk and make mistakes. We know Tony likes to talk about his kids and talk about Alyssa. However, no one expected Tony to be good at trivia. Granted, the rules of this trivia game weren’t the best test of knowledge, but Tony performed as flawlessly as he possibly could. I can’t understate the fact that Tony did perform well, but this trivia game involved assigning X’s to other players and the veterans didn’t seem to throw daggers at Tony. People like Jordan, Bananas and CT were taken out before Tony.

So Tony won, and Bananas and CT feel safe because Tony has become one of the vets. But why Tony? People like Cory, Nelson or Dario are about as seasoned as him, but Bananas seems to gravitate toward Tony.

On Bloodlines, we saw Tony fighting with Camila, Nany…. basically anyone who spoke to him. By the time Rivals 3 rolled around we saw Tony hanging out with Bananas and he was officially part of the Bananas boat. On Invasion, it’s hard to measure his allegiances to the vets because he was only with the vets for one challenge.

There are really two logical reasons behind this. Firstly, Tony knows that he wants to make it far in the game. He knows Bananas tends to make it far, so if he sides with Bananas that will carry him halfway through the game. As he starts to work with Bananas they form a friendship and their alliance becomes stronger. It really didn’t matter if CT, Bananas, Derrick or Tony win the trivia challenge… they were all going to keep each other safe.

The second reason falls on Bananas. He’s no dummy, and he recognizes that Tony is going to become a staple in the franchise. Why? He was paired with Camila on Rivals 3. Production tends to pair valuable newbies with people who are already valuable to the franchise. If Frank S. continued to do The Challenge, I guarantee Bananas would have worked with him after being paired on Rivals 2. Jordan was paired with Sarah (valuable cast member) on Exes 2. On this season and Champs vs. Pros Jordan has been aligned with Bananas. Bananas doesn’t view alliances as temporary, and he thinks multiple seasons in advance. Knowing production has put some investment in Tony, he wants to work with him this season and in the future.

Yes, Tony probably has proven his trustworthiness to the vets, but their alliance is no surprise.

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