Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Official Cast

The Official Cast for The Challenge: Final Reckoning. The 32nd season of the show.

Departure day is here! The thirty second season of The Challenge is here and for the first time ever we know the title. I have no idea what a final reckoning means in the Challenge world, but at least we have a title.

Please note, this is obviously a spoiler thread. I will only be posting the cast names, location, and season format here. No elimination, finalist, or plot spoilers are welcome here.

Thank you to Vevmo for their continued effort. The site always does an amazing job with spoilers.

Location: Hermanus, South Africa

Amanda Garcia (Are You the One? 3)


Angela Babicz (Ex on the Beach US and Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters)

Angela Ex on the Beach

Brad Fiorenza (Real World San Diego)

Britni Thorton (AYTO3)

Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat 2)

Chuck Mowery (AYTO3)

Chuck Mowery challenge

CT Tamburello (Real World Paris)

Da’Vonne Rogers (Big Brother 17 & 18)

Derrick Henry (AYTO5 & Ex on the Beach US)

Derrick Ex on the Beach

Devin Walker (AYTO3)

Faith Stowers (Ex on the Beach US & Vanderpump Rules)

Faith Ex on the Beach

Jenna Compono (Real World Ex-Plosion)

Jemmye Carroll (Real World New Orleans)

Johnny Bananas Devenazio (Real World Key West)

Joss Mooney (Ex on the Beach UK)

Jozea Flores (Big Brother 18 and Champs vs  Stars)

Kailah Casillas (Real World: Go Big or Go Home)

Kam Williams (AYTO5)

Kayleigh Morris (Ex on the Beach UK)

Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore)

Marie Roda (Real World St. Thomas)

Melissa Reeves (Ex on the Beach UK)

Natalie Negrotti (Big Brother 18)

Nelson Thomas (AYTO3)

Paulie Califiore (Big Brother 18 and Ex on the Beach US)

Paulie Ex on the Beach

Shane Landrum (Road Rules Campus Crawl)

Sylvia Elsrode (Real World Skeletons)

Tori Deal (AYTO4)

Tori Deal

Veronica Portillo (Road Rules Semester at Sea)

Zach Nichols (Real World San Diego)



Note, if you don’t want to know, don’t read.

I will not tell you why there are replacements in this post. This is strictly for casting spoilers.

Tony Rainers (Real World Skeletons)

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 2.40.50 PM


  1. Ashley Mitchell is a female replacement. Madison Walls has been on location since the beginning of filming.

  2. Chuck, Britni, and Brad will be BAD.

    Chuck + Britni = Ex? or maybe date?
    Britni + Brad = LOVEEEE
    Chuck + Brad = Most likely hate

  3. Ummm whoever up there said that Da’Vonne was in 90s House is mistaken. The winner of “90s House” was a girl named ShaMonique……… completely different people lmao……

  4. I feel like Jozea is a class act he want on big brother and saw he wasn’t worth free so he want on the challenge was still 14 days short of free and now he on this season to make sure he was worth their time.

  5. Ugh. I can’t wait to see Paulie with his shirt off the WHOLE TIME showing off those wee pec muscles.

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