Challenge: Final Reckoning

11 People Who Could Be Johnny Bananas’s Partner

On episode one of Final Reckoning, we saw Johnny Bananas without a partner. I’ve already addressed where his original partner went here, but TJ has officially announced he will be receiving a replacement partner. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Production isn’t just going to let their main star leave the show due to a missing partner. Especially someone like Bananas who has no shortage of partners out there.

Here are a few people who could be Bananas partner and the rational behind the pairings. For purposes of this list, anyone who is already on Final Reckoning is exempt. Don’t expect to see names like Nelson, Cara Maria, or Natalie.

These two have already been partners, so we know they can work well together. But the rationale behind this pairing should be no surprise to anyone. On Rivals 3, after mending their damaged relationship all season, Bananas took Sarah’s portion of the winnings when given the chance. At this point, their relationship may be damaged beyond repair, but this rivalry is bigger than any other pairing this season.


Bananas and Wes have been rivals for about a decade now, beginning with The Ruins when Wes tried to sabotage the champs team. Understandably, Bananas wanted him gone and was on the anti-Wes bandwagon. Pl
us, Wes was dating Kellyanne at the time and she hated Bananas. While the two seemed to work together on Rivals due to Wes’s pairing with Kenny, they’ve been trying to eliminate each other ever since. Bananas got Wes out on Exes, Wes beat Bananas in the Rivals 2 final, Wes sent Bananas into elimination on Exes but Bananas returned from Ex-ile and sent Wes into elimination… the list goes on. These two will never work together unless forced.


On The Island, Bananas was a prankster who didn’t treat most of the girls too nicely. Kellyanne took offense to his antics and the two engaged in multiple fights, especially on the reunion. On The Ruins, Bananas orchestrated an eliminate between Kellyanne and her BFF Evelyn, furthering Kellyanne’s hatred. When Kellyanne returned to Bloodlines after six years away from the scene, the two seemed to work OK together. Trust was broken next season on Rivals 3 when Bananas sent Kellyanne into her losing elimination.


Just like Kellyanne, Ev hated Bananas antics on The Island, but Ev also used her power to steal Bananas key and jeopardize his game. While they threw their hatred aside to join forces on the winning boat the season, Ev renewed her hatred for Mr. Bananas on The Ruins. She was team Wes, and Bananas effective got her out of the game by forcing her to face her BFF Kellyanne in elimination. Last time the two competed together on Rivals they were friendly. Perhaps for Paula’s sake, to help her finally win a Challenge, but I don’t think they’re friends.


Bananas was able to mend his relationship with Tyler due to their pairing on Rivals, but there are still some cracks in his relationship with Paula. On The Island, Paula was team Bananas and tolerated his gameplay. At the end of the season Bananas excluded her from the winning boat, opting to row with Evelyn instead. The following seasons saw Paula making questionable game moves and placing her trust in the wrong people, but Bananas definitely helped her navigate through Rivals and get her first win. While they seemed civil in later seasons, they’ll never forget what happened on The Island.


As a newbie on Bloodlines, Dario wanted to take out a big name. This meant going after Bananas, and they two got into an argument. Dario seemed to gravitate toward the young bucks like Cory and Nelson, except for the time he worked with Bananas on Rivals 3 and gave his safety rather than work with Wes and the newer competitors.


Surprisingly, you can’t even fault Bananas here. When it comes to Tony, Bananas has always spoken highly of him and watched over him. On Vendettas, Tony took the first shot at Bananas by sending him into elimination against Devin. This resulting in Bananas losing and Tony making it to the final.


Later seasons like Champs vs. Pros and Dirty Thirty would see these two working together, but that wasn’t always the case. Jordan had made two big moves to try to screw Bananas over. On Free Agents, Jordan flipped all of the cards at The Draw to ensure he’d be competing against Bananas in elimination. Jordan, lost but never forgot. On Battle of the Exes 2, Jordan was Sarah’s parter who sent him into the fatal elimination right before the final. While Jordan didn’t have a friendship with Bananas like Sarah did, the move clearly altered his game.


Never one to be intimated by a “veteran,” Cory avoided elimination all throughout Bloodlines while sending Bananas into the elimination that resulted in his departure. On seasons like Invasion and Dirty Thirty, Cory continued to oppose veterans like Bananas and sided with the new kids. On Vendettas Bananas got his revenge by sending Cory into the first elimination of the seasons after sloppy politics proved Cory to be a liability.


Let’s bet real, who hasn’t Ashley yelled at? On Invasions Ashley had a special hatred for Bananas because Bananas sent her toilet seat out to see on an inflatable. While this isn’t a huge rivalry, it’s enough to earn them a partnership.


Road Rules vet Abe has never liked Bananas and made this abundantly clear when he arrived for Bloodlines. For this reason, Bananas must have been especially overjoyed when he was able to tell Abe about Cara Maria’s hook up with Thomas, essentially ruining their relationship.


  1. If only abram was partnered with Johnny then this season would be 100% better. Abram hates Johnny, his exe cara, Kyle and Paulie would be scared to be around him.

  2. Also the fact that abram hooked up with Veronica on the gauntlet and abram got mad at Shane for the fight he tried to break up on viewers revenge

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