Challenge: Final Reckoning

Zach & Amanda: Could They Have Won?

On Tuesday’s episode we saw Zach get the boot thanks to his broken nose. Now, any hope of him returning with Amanda is gone.

Prior to getting the boot, he seemed pretty confident Brad would have selected him for Redemption. I can’t say I’m convinced because Zach & Amanda are tough opponents, I’ll entertain the possibility of them facing Zach & Amanda.

If Paulie & Natalie can beat Brad & Kyle in That’s the Ticket, Zach & Amanda would have. I think Amanda is just as capable as Natalie, if not a little better. There’s also no doubt in my mind that Zach would have been twice as face in spinning Brad in the lottery drum. To be honest, if Zach & Amanda got into Redemption I really think they would have made it back into the house.

If Zach & Amanda got back, I think they would have continued to do well, and I don’t think they’d find themselves in the same situation that landed them into redemption. Not because they’d be seeing eye-to-eye. Mostly because the Lavender Ladies and Young Bucks would have a greater majority so Zach’s opinion wouldn’t have mattered. The LLs & TYB would have run the show and had control over the votes.

Zach & Amanda probably would have coasted to the final and won a couple of challenges along the way. This may be a bold statement, but I think they would have won. It wouldn’t have been pretty and Zach would have yelled at Amanda for the entire race, but they most likely would have taken the win. Sadly, we’ll never see this and they’re going home without the chance to redeem themselves.

How do you think they would have done if they made it into Redemption?


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