The Challenge

Could Camila Make a Comeback on The Challenge?

2017 should have been a big year for Camila. She won Dirty Thirty and nearly took home half a million dollars. While she did get the money, she did a lot of damage to her image and Challenge career.

Camila NakagawaOf course, this came in the form of multiple scandals. First, there was whole racial scandal during Dirty Thirty where she threw some slurs are Leroy, went full Camilinator, and was quarantined in a hotel for a night. Of course, she went on to win the season, but she received a lot of backlash for this.

Then, she got kicked off of Champs vs. Stars. She stole a golf cart and punched production, barely getting any recognition on the season because she left before promotional materials were shot.

Two years have passed, and she seems to be in a better spot in life. I’m happy to see she’s doing better, but we all know The Challenge can be a serious source of income for her, especially because she stands a real shot at winning.

Some people will say she’s banned from the show. According to her she isn’t banned and was invited to appear on season 34, declining because she didn’t feel it was a good environment for her. Let’s say she is eligible to return: should she?

In my opinion, this gets a no. Strictly from a competitive standpoint she’d be interesting. She’s not the biggest girl, but she has a lot of fight in her and zero regard for personal safety. This has allowed her to accomplish more than many other competitors on the show. Then there’s the other side of her: The Camilinator. We all know her alter ego has gotten her in some trouble, but I don’t think production is going to want Camila back without the Camilinator. Every season she’s on, we see the Camilintor in the previews. She freaks out, screams, throws things, and makes enemies. Not only is it emotionally and mentally draining for Camila, it’s proven to be hazardous for cast mates and production.

It’s sad to say this, but Camila has been give too many chances and failed to improve. I don’t think two years will make a different. The Camilintor first appeared on Exes, filmed in 2011. It got her kicked off of Champs vs. Stars in 2017. This isn’t really her alter ego, it’s just part of Camila.

I may complain about the UK kids on the show, but the new crop of Challengers has proven that the veterans are replaceable. Camila can be a casualty in this process, and the show will continue without her.

But you never know, she might just pop up again sometime.


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  1. I think if she does make an appearance after two years, it should be a Champs vs format. I don’t think she should start a actually challenge right off the bat.

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