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Flora from Real World Miami Appears on E!’s Botched

If you watched 1996’s Real World Miami, you may remember Flora. She was a loud, humorous Russian girl best remembered for breaking the bathroom window to spy on her roommate Mike as he was having a threesome. She is also remembered for fighting with her friend who filmed her topless, fearing that the video would get exposed.

Well, Flora has resurfaced and this time she’s going to show her breasts to the world.

Flora Alekeyeun 2020

To be clear, Flora is going on the E! show Botched because a surgery left her with a “uniboob.” In her clip, she revealed she had her chest area tightened after she had a kid. In the healing process, her boobs kind of fused together.

I’m not a doctor, but you can watch her episode to see how she ends up. If you’ve ever seen this show before, you’ll know there’s two types of people who show up. One category is the outrageous people who want extravagant surgeries or want corrections after cheap butt implants popped. The other category is people with a little bit of fame and recognition who had complications with a cosmetic procedure. Flora clearly falls into the second category. Her surgery isn’t scandalous, but it didn’t heal according to plan.

From the clip, she’s funny as ever, and it’s good to see her reappear. She was a huge personality on Real World Miami. Kind of a shame she was basically edited out of Battle of the Seasons, her only Challenge. At least we’ll have this episode to keep her personality alive.

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