Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Screenshots from the First Trailer

MTV posted a quick 30 second trailer. Here's what they showed.

The first trailer has been posted! It was only thirty seconds, but filled with lots of goodness. Here’s everything you missed if you didn’t pause throughout.

MTV has since aired a full trailer and a commercial with more content.

WARNING: Some obvious spoilers are here. I’m not going to overtly spoil the show, but if you can infer the sequence of events you’ll pick up on what’s going on.

We open with a shot of Iceland
Action shot of an elimination like Hog Tied
Oh hey Aneesa
Here’s Leroy
Secrets and Spies
Wes, Nelson, Joseph, Josh, and Lio running
Same image, but Josh is more clear
Random shot of CT, because every promo gets one
TJ’s back!
Group shot before a challenge
Tori is back and saying something overly dramatic
Will these Double Agents
Group walking. Who do you see? I see Aneesa, Fessy, and Nelson
Get Double Crossed?
Some type of rope challenge
A challenge with a helicopter and ropes
Cast members in a ball. Throwback to Road Rules All Stars?
Big T running into CT. There’s a pillow, so it looks voluntary
Balls in a net. Aneesa, Nany, Kam, and Big T are there.
Aneesa down!
Of course there’s a challenge with a big ass explosion
I see we’re back to skydiving
An underwater swimming challenge
Cory and Gabby in chains. TJ in the middle.
No trust
A second shot of the underwater swimming challenge
Cory, Lio, and Tori
All Sus. MTV is stepping up their slang I see.
Bombs away CT.
Wes in a Reverse Tug-of-War style elimination
Hey Fessy
A challenge on top of a moving truck. Do we just do this every season now?
Natalie tackling Nany
The skull


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