The Challenge

The Challenge is Coming to Netflix. What Could this Mean?

Two seasons of The Challenge will be streaming on Netflix starting December 15, 2020.

Surprise surprise! Netflix recently announced two seasons of The Challenge will be streaming on the service starting in mid December.

For some reason, the two chosen seasons are The Inferno 2 and The Duel. No word yet whether or not MTV/ Viacom will add more, but it seems that a could amount of shows from CBS and Viacom are getting some Netflix representation.

Of course, The Challenge is still properly airing on MTV, and The Duel is a fourteen year-old season. This doesn’t mean much for the new Challenge seasons.

But these are some pretty old school seasons. Perhaps this may have something to do with Mark’s Old School Challenge?

It seems possible that this could segue into the Old School Challenge turning into a reality. This is a good sign, but not a definite thing. The Challenge is just one of the many shows being put on Netflix so it’s not the focus of the Netflix collaboration.

If you’re looking to dig deeper into The Challenge archive, more seasons are available. Netflix will only have a small number of episodes on December 15th, but The Inferno 2 is a rare season. It hasn’t been available to watch (legally) for a long time. This is something that Challenge fans, new and old, should be excited for.


  1. I commented on Twitter a while ago that MTV should start running old seasons of RW/RR Challenge so I’m glad they’re listening. However – why on Netflix?? MTV has become the Ridiculousness network and it’s getting old. Why not show those on their own channel and get some viewers back?

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