The Challenge

Cara Maria Seems to Confirm She Won’t Be Asked Back on The Challenge

Cara Maria has been missing from The Challenge fore three seasons now. Is production done with her>

With an influx of newbies on The Challenge, a lot of people are wondering where all of the old favorites have gone. One of the big names: Cara Maria.

Cara Maria, along with her boyfriend Paulie, haven’t been on The Challenge since 2019’s War of the Worlds 2. She has since addressed Paulie’s absence. Now, she has taken to Instagram hint at her time away.

On her Instagram Q&A (archived on Reddit), she replied to the question with a video of Johnny Bananas where he says “there’s a select few people who haven’t been asked back to The Challenge- will probably never be asked back to The Challenge again.”

This seems to imply she and Paulie will not be invited back. They have been involved in some off-screen drama, particularly surrounding the War of the Worlds 2 reunion and Total Madness. Cara Maria also seemed to entertain rumors that Total Madness was rigged so Bananas could win in the end.

Production doesn’t take kindly to people spoiling shows or talking about production’s antics. However, Cara Maria and Paulie are somewhat polarizing figures on the show and proven athletes. This should come rewarded in the reality TV worlds, but perhaps production finds it easier to bring in someone from a different country’s reality show.


  1. Ill stop watching if cara maria doesn’t get asked back..its to bad its my most favorite show ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  2. They were starting crap and never taking ownership for the crap they caused. It was always somebody elseโ€™s fault. They both whined. Its ashame they broke up bc they deserve each other! Josh will NEVER win a final bc he is a giant baby. Fessy is a complainer with zero fortitude to run a final.

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